Henry S. Morgan and Harold Stanley along with others collaborated to establish the Morgan Stanley Corporation on 16th September, 1935. The corporate headquarters of Morgan Stanley is in New York City. The financial services organization which has operations in over 42 countries and employs more than 60,000 men and women started its India operations in 1922. India continues to remain a strategic hub for JP Morgan as far as its Asia Pacific operations are concerned. The organization with assets of nearly US$ 304 billion provides a host of financial services in India including commercial banking services, global corporate banking services, wealth management services, treasury services, and NRI services. It also extends consultancy services for investing prudently in emerging markets worldwide via its ‘Global Special Opportunities Group’.

A Career in JP Morgan India

Irrespective of whether you’re a qualified student looking for a perfect launching pad to give a kick-start to your career or an experienced professional, JP Morgan can offer you a very challenging and encouraging work environment. You can take your career as a financial analyst or an investment banking analyst (and a host of other specialization arenas) to dizzy heights if you get the opportunity to work with JP Morgan.

A majority of the past and present employees of its India offices have rated this company highly in terms of ‘job satisfaction’, ‘work-life balance’, and ‘opportunities for career advancements’. JP Morgan is also an equal opportunity employer which essentially implies that no discrimination is made between a male and female employee in terms of getting employment, career development, and salaries. Talking of salaries, JP Morgan (India) pays very high salaries to all its employees. In fact, the salaries at all hierarchical levels are 15% more than the industry standards or norms.

Salaries in JP Morgan India according to different verticals

Median Salary according to Job Positions

Job Designation Salary Range ( INR )
Analytics Manager 569439-2707207
Application Support Analyst 295974-1261150
Application Developer 705349-1624484
Regional Director 656756-2546650
Assistant to the Vice President 639883-3418717
Assistant Vice President 656756-3546650
Associate Software Engineer 262756-1772424
Investment Banking Associate 861180-2252585
Business Analyst (Banking/Finance) 270720-1381070
Analyst (Business Process) 304399-1281581
Business Analyst (IT) 282263-1627430
Chartered Accountant 466220-2073080
Credit Analyst 205815-728208
Chartered Financial Analyst 221578-1800743
Customer Service Associate 205585-614409
Customer Service Advisor 210954-616197
Customer Service Manager 344800-1041976
Customer Service Specialist 155675-566316
Customer Service Representative 137967-584647
Executive Director 579359-6229479
Data Analyst 225895-1020317
Financial Analyst 217450-1117457
Investment Analyst (Securities/Finance) 113720-1206062
Finance Associate 146546-946377
Financial Advisor 178737-1493839
Human Resources Manager 486686-2287817
Information Technology Consultant 531531-1820969
Human Resources Specialist 178310-807429
Investment Banking Analyst 232462-1508350
Lead Software Engineer 816920-2445965
Java Developer 233437-1255437
Operations Analyst 294497-762700
Operations Team Leader 490206-1115045
Operations Manager 363807-2647303
Production Analyst 114150-518390
Project Leader (IT) 644744-1788110
Programmer Analyst 369139-1104254
Project Manager (IT) 721172-2759359
Automation Engineer (QA) 202568-1691586
Project Manager (Software Development) 673737-2096697

Average Salary in terms of Experience

Years of Experience Average Salary ( INR )
0-1 year 376860
1-4 years 429789
5-9 years 801086
10-19 years 1837660
20 years- 2850000

City Wise Average Salary

City (State) Average Salary ( INR )
Bangalore (Karnataka) 596476
New Delhi 1200000
Hyderabad (Andhra Pradesh) 920420
Jaipur (Rajasthan) 480000
Greater Mumbai (Maharashtra) 720647
Mumbai City (Maharashtra) 664034
Pune (Maharashtra) 645039

State Wise Average Salary

State or Union Territory Average Salary ( INR )
Andhra Pradesh 934364
Delhi 947856
Karnataka 598290
Rajasthan 690000
Tamil Nadu 472487
West Bengal 252000
Maharashtra 681220

Average Salary in terms of Certification

Certification Average Salary ( INR )
B.Com 324887
ISTQB Foundation Certificate in Software Testing 701903
Java Programmer (Sun Certified) 873418
Chartered Financial Analyst 821500
Project Management Professional 1687996
Chartered Accountant 1242718
Web Component Developer (Sun Certified 921660
Information Technology Infrastructure Library Foundation 795306
Microsoft Certified Professional 859344
Business Certificate 498568

Average Salary According to Gender

Gender Average Salary ( INR )
Male 690160
Female 533895

*Salaries are subject to change with time

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