Junior Residents (JR) in Indian hospitals are doctors on internship who have just completed their MBBS. JR’s are on wait doctors who are yet to get their license to practice medical profession (in India permanent registration with Indian Medical Council) which depends on the successful completion of junior residency. In some states the period of junior residency is also called house surgeoncy. Junior Residents experience patient care responsibilities while they learn on real time basis. JRs help physicians and surgeons in carrying out healthcare functions with taking case history of out patients, helping in surgeries and primary functions of patient care.

JR salaries in Indian hospitals vary from place to place and hospital to hospital for various reasons. In government hospitals of each city this is more or less uniform, although with slight variations owing to variable allowance structure. In private sector the figures vary drastically. There is little uniformity in salary of Junior Residents from state to state as well. We have arrived at average salaries of JR’s in various verticals, viz., Govt of India hospitals, India’s top hospitals, leading private hospitals, major cities in India and Indian states. This post is updated periodically when a change in the data comes to us. The data is subjected to total evaluation and update annually.

JR Pay Scale in Govt of India Hospitals

Basic Scale: Rs.15600-39100

Grade Pay: Rs.5400/-

Gross Pay Rs.55490/-

Junior Resident Salaries in Top Super Specialty Hospitals

LNJP Hospital Rs.61,850.00 Rs.67,500.00
PGIMER Chandigarh Rs.61,500.00 Rs.67,250.00
All India Institute of Medical Sciences Rs.61,000.00 Rs.66,000.00
RML Hospital New Delhi Rs.61,000.00 Rs.67,000.00
Tata Memorial Hospital Mumbai Rs.56,850.00 Rs.58,250.00
Sir Ganga Ram Hospital Rs.55,000.00 Rs.56,000.00
Jaslok Hospital & Research Centre Rs.52,000.00 Rs.53,000.00
Hinduja Hospital Mumbai Rs.51,300.00 Rs.53,000.00
Fortis Healthcare Rs.51,000.00 Rs.54,000.00
Breach Candy Hospital Mumbai Rs.50,750.00 Rs.53,800.00
Medanta Medicity Gurgaon Rs.48,000.00 Rs.50,000.00
Lilawati Hospital Mumbai Rs.48,000.00 Rs.50,000.00
Manipal Group Hospitals Rs.46,000.00 Rs.48,000.00
Sharda University Rs.39,583.00 Rs.45,833.00
St Stephens Hospital Rs.38,000.00 Rs.40,000.00
Max Healthcare Rs.37,500.00 Rs.45,833.00
Indraprastha Apollo Hospital Chennai Rs.34,800.00 Rs.38,000.00
CMC Vellore Rs.20,589.00 Rs.23,026.00
BL Kapur Super Specialty Hosp Rs.15,000.00 Rs.18,000.00

JR Salaries in Major Indian Cities

Delhi Rs.64,640.00 Rs.67,800.00
Mumbai Rs.58,125.00 Rs.61,570.00
Bangalore Rs.56,125.00 Rs.57,780.00
Chennai Rs.45,725.00 Rs.50,080.00
Pune Rs.40,780.00 Rs.42,500.00
Hyderabad Rs.40,500.00 Rs.43,500.00
Chandigarh Rs.40,500.00 Rs.42,200.00
Kolkata Rs.38,000.00 Rs.41,000.00
Cochin Rs.36,000.00 Rs.38,000.00
Lucknow Rs.35,200.00 Rs.37,800.00
Ahmedabad Rs.32,000.00 Rs.35,285.00
Bhopal Rs.32,000.00 Rs.34,500.00
Jaipur Rs.25,000.00 Rs.28,000.00

Junior Residents’ Average Salaries in Indian States

Delhi Rs.64,640.00 Rs.67,800.00
Chandigarh Rs.47,500.00 Rs.50,600.00
Bihar Rs.43,650.00 Rs.45,650.00
Goa Rs.43,500.00 Rs.46,000.00
Maharashtra Rs.42,250.00 Rs.44,625.00
Jammu & Kashmir Rs.40,800.00 Rs.42,000.00
Karnataka Rs.38,000.00 Rs.40,000.00
Maharashtra Rs.38,000.00 Rs.41,000.00
Madhya Pradesh Rs.38,000.00 Rs.40,000.00
Andhra Pradesh Rs.36,000.00 Rs.37,500.00
Haryana Rs.36,000.00 Rs.40,000.00
West Bengal Rs.35,000.00 Rs.37,000.00
Himachal Pradesh Rs.35,000.00 Rs.37,000.00
Tamilnadu Rs.33,500.00 Rs.36,000.00
Uttarakhand Rs.33,000.00 Rs.34,500.00
Puducherry Rs.33,000.00 Rs.34,500.00
Odisha Rs.32,800.00 Rs.34,000.00
Kerala Rs.32,000.00 Rs.35,000.00
Madhya Pradesh Rs.31,000.00 Rs.33,500.00
Sikkim Rs.30,200.00 Rs.34,000.00
Chhattisgarh Rs.30,000.00 Rs.35,000.00
Lakshadweep Rs.30,000.00 Rs.32,000.00
Telangana Rs.28,500.00 Rs.30,000.00
Jharkhand Rs.28,000.00 Rs.30,000.00
Gujarat Rs.26,000.00 Rs.30,200.00
Assam Rs.22,000.00 Rs.24,000.00
Rajasthan Rs.22,000.00 Rs.25,000.00
Andaman Nicobar Islands Rs.22,000.00 Rs.23,000.00
Arunachal Pradesh*    
Dadra and Nagar Haveli*    
Daman Diu*    

* Information not available

Disclaimer: The above salary figures are based on factors available at the time of study and is subject to change at any time. The above details cannot be taken for accurate and cannot be used for reference as authentic. The information given can be good for general idea.