Kanpur is the second largest Industrial City of the Hindu belt in north India. The city is very much famous for it’s leather tanneries. This makes the city as the major centre for leather and textile Industry. In chain of it, several Industries grownup which result in cascading effect along with policies of government to accelerate economic growth and development. Industries which are major contributor to the economy in Kanpur are fertilizers, plastics, two wheelers, chemicals, IT, detergent, food packaging and jewelry making.

The transportation condition is also favourable for Kanpur. The city is well connected with the country via railway, roadway and airway. The city is enjoying the advantage of National Highway 2, 86, 91 and 25. This allows easy access of raw material to their Industries.

This led the city to connect with market in the country for their Industries to access large market. There is no shortage of workforce, whether talk about skilled or unskilled. Banking facilities is also favourable for the city. There are many big corporate houses and MNCs establishing their branches in Kanpur. Some of the business giant are Kashi Jewellers, Laxman traders, Superhouse Group, Simran traders, Aone user, Mirza International, The Universal Book Stall, flex industries, Kesarvani, Bajrangbali, deals in handicraft materials, Pan Parag, super glue etc.

Kanpur is the major Industrial hub in India. It is important revenue contributor to economy. The Central government of India had declared the Kanpur as the “Town of Export Excellence”. This means, this is due to the large amount of subsidies given by government to stimulate the export.

Salaries of Professionals

If we see the salaries in the Kanpur, the Chemical Engineers, Area Sales manager and Marketing manager are one of those, who enjoy the highest salaries.

Median Salary by Profession
Profession Salary
Area Sales Manager Rs. 4 50 000
Marketing Manager Rs. 4 27 293
Marketing Executive Rs. 2 26 000
Software Developer Rs. 3 60 000
Chemical Engineer Rs. 5 00 000
General / Operations Manager Rs. 3 00 000
Physician / Doctor General Practice Rs. 3 00 000

If we talk about the degree holder, the B.Tech Degree holders (with experience of 0-2 year) are getting the handsome amount of salaries. Their annual average package is in the bracket of Rs. 2.8 to Rs.11.3 lakh. Management Degree holders (MBA with experience of 0-2 year) are enjoying their annual package in the bracket of 1.5 to 6.4 lakh. Bachelor Degree holder (with experience of 0-2 year) are getting the 0.9 to 9.6 lakh of average annual package.

Salaries in Industries

The Software development professionals are enjoying the high average annual packages. Just have a look on the median salary in Industry.

Median Salary Industry wise
Education Job
Education Rs. 2 10 000
Banking Rs. 4 10 000
Manufacturing Rs. 3 90 000
IT services Rs. 1 44 000
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERF). Software Development Rs. 80 000
Software Development Rs. 9 00 000
Consumer Electronics Manufacturing Rs. 5 00 000

Offering in IIT Kanpur

The Deemed Institute, IIT Kanpur is having world wide reputation. Three students of the IIT were offered annual package of more than one crore in the placement drive this year. Out of which, three students are offered 1.3 crore of annual package from Oracle. Where, Google offers one crore annual package to six students and Linkedin offered one crore to two student.

Concluding Remarks

Kanpur is one of the Industrial hub, enjoying the advantage of favourable transportation system to reach large part of the market. Kanpur is having the fair amount of remuneration. Although, below the average of Metropolitan but quite comfortable than the national average.