Port city, Kochi is the part of Kerala. City is mainly known as commercial capital of Kerala. After Trivandrum kochi has the highest volume of trade in Kerala. Major advantage that city enjoys is the major port of the country. Service sector in Kochi generates the highest income for the economy of Kochi. Major sectors which extract huge income are construction, manufacturing,shipbuilding, transportation/shipping, Information Technology (IT) seafood and spices exports, chemical industries, tourism,health services, and banking. Federal Bank which is the 4th largest bank in private sector, has their headquarter in Kochi. According to World Bank, kochi comes in seventeen cities where it is easier to do business. There are many Chemical and fertilizer Industries in Kochi which employee a part of population. Big manufacturing Industry is also there which also generate employment.

IT sector is also contributing to generate large income. Kochi is the highest contributor in exporting IT services in Kerala after Bangalore . There are info parks created by government which becomes the home to many companies like TCS, Wipro , Xerox, Ernst & Young and Cognizant. The retail sector is also contributing enough to the economy of the city as well as to the state. There are large number of shopping mall and complexes which attract large part of the society.

Salaries of Degree holders in Kochi

Salaries in Kochi of professional are at the national average. Among MBAs, specialized in IT are paid handsomely than other specialised like marketing, HR and finance. The salary of MBAs in IT is in the bracket of Rs 5 to Rs 10 lakh. And among B. tech degree holders, specialized in electronic and communication are paid handsomely than any of the other specialised.

Salary of some degree holder in Kochi

Salary of some degree holder in Kochi
Degree Salary range
MBA Rs 1.5 to Rs 14 .lakh
MBA Marketing Rs 2.5 to Rs 10 .lakh
MBA HR Rs 2.4 to Rs 8 .lakh
MBA IT Rs 5 to Rs 10 .lakh
B. tech (IT) Rs 1.5 to Rs 6.5 .lakh
B. tech (Computer Science ) Rs 1 to Rs 10 .lakh
B. tech (Electronic and communications) Rs 1.3 to Rs 17 .lakh
MCA Rs 1 to Rs 14 .lakh
Associate degree Rs 1.3 to Rs 10 .lakh
Bachelor Degree Rs 1.2 to Rs 9 .lakh

Salaries of Professionals in Kochi

Kochi pays handsome salary to their professional. Software engineer’s average annual salary is Rs 2.5 lakh. And software developers are paid similar to it. IT manager are paid thick salary with average annual package of Rs 10 lakh. You can see the salaries of some professional in Kochi in the given chart.