Librarianship though requires tremendous organizational skills can turn out to be a real interesting job proposition for someone who is really passionate about reading and is keen on putting the knowledge to good use. Some real pleasure can be derived from the fact that the responsibilities start with managing books to helping out someone with advice on possible reading references.

Salary of Librarian

A librarian on an average is entitled to salaries as high as INR 105,439- INR 505,992 (cash bonus included) in a year along with suitable benefits like paid holidays and paid sick leaves. Find out more about salaries and compensations enjoyed by librarians in different cities, with varying number of years at the job etc:

Job Category Annual Average/Median Salaries
Assistant Librarian INR 141000-INR 150000
Senior Librarian INR 29000- INR 31000 (monthly)

The value of experience is duly recognized with salaries moving upwards with the growing number of years dedicated to a library:

Experience Annual Average Salaries
1-4 years INR 105701 – INR248218
5-9 years INR 73533 – INR387571
10-19 years INR 97284 – INR 532616

Salary variations based on different standards of living in different cities are also there. Here is more:

City Annual Average/Median Salaries
Bengaluru INR 138000 – INR300000
Mumbai INR 150000 – INR348000

The gender based salary ranges stand something like this:

Gender Annual Average/Median Salaries
Male INR 73533 – INR446294
Female INR 99437 – INR370951

Compensation and Benefits to Librarian

Asides from regular monthly salaries the librarians are usually entitled to a host of benefits like superannuation fees, supplemental paternity leave, Room & Board cash bonus, paid sick leaves, paid holidays, and cash bonus (all three of which are already mentioned above). Cash bonuses and paid holidays granted to the concerned employees may vary with experience, cities and a host of other factors. Here is more:

Cash Bonus Based on Experience

Experience Annual Average Salaries
1-4 years INR 6000
10-19 years INR 6250
20 years or more INR 31750

Cash Bonus Based On Cities

Cities Annual Average Salaries
Kolkata 6173
Delhi 26750
Mumbai 9000
Chennai 101750
Gender Annual Average/Median Salaries
MA or Master of Arts INR 7750

Vacation Weeks based on Experience

Experience Vacation
1-4 years 1.3 weeks
5-9 years 3.5 weeks
10-19 years 2.5 weeks
20 years and more 2.7 weeks

Vacation Weeks Based on Cities

Cities Vacation
Chennai 2 weeks
Pune 1.5 weeks
Bengaluru 3.3 weeks
Mumbai 3 weeks

Cash Bonus Based on Key Subject or Degree

Scope of librarians

If you are seriously looking forward to making a career in this field, you have a host of options (in terms of employer or organization types) to choose from:

  • Photo Libraries
  • Public Libraries
  • Foreign embassies
  • Galleries and Museums with research facilities
  • Documentation centers
  • Enterprises with requirements for handling huge information

Education Required to become a Librarian

You have to clear your plus 2 before enrolling in a Library Science course. You can apply for a Bachelor’s Degree course in Library Science and even pursue a Master Degree in the same after that. P.hd and M.Phil can be natural choices after Masters, off course only when you want to pursue higher studies.
There are other diploma and certificate courses available as well.
Qualities Required:

  • Customer satisfaction Skills
  • Keen interest in books
  • Ability to communicate well
  • Organizational skills
  • Knowledge on a range of topics

*Salaries and benefits are subject to change with time and without prior notice