About the MakeMyTrip

Founded in the year 2000 by Deep Kalra, the only idea behind MakeMyTrip was to empower and revolutionize travel with comprehensive choices for travelers like instant information and bookings. Today MakeMyTrip’s presence in India’s online travel industry is unassailable. The entire phenomenon of traveling abroad and within boundaries has been given a new meaning with the provision for a range of round-the-clock products and services like:

  • Medical
  • Vision
  • Others
  • Bus Tickets
  • International Flights
  • Hotel+Flight deals
  • Holidays in India
  • Cars
  • International Holidays
  • Hotels
  • MICE
  • B2B
  • Deals
  • Flight Status
  • E-ticket
  • Booking Management
  • Refund Status
  • Cancellations

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Salaries and Benefits at MakeMyTrip

As per available information MakeMyTrip offers impressive pay packages— quite competitive according to the market standards and quite satisfactory according to available employee reviews:

Job Category Salary
Consultant INR 774000-INR 832000
Contractor (Marketing Executive) INR 229000-INR 248000
Software Engineer INR 605000-INR 659000
Software Developer INR 573000-INR 628000 (with an annual average salary of INR 600264)
Software Engineer (Intern) INR 19000-INR 21000 (monthly)
Executive INR 214000-INR 232000
Senior Software Developer INR 1060000 -INR 1140000m
Senior Executive INR 287000-INR 309000
Sales Executive INR 18000-INR 20000 (monthly)

MakeMyTrip Employee Benefits

Substantial rewards and benefits for employees are a way of appreciating and valuing a member’s contribution at MakeMyTrip.
Cash Bonus and Commission on Sales are important parts of the overall compensation and benefits package offered by the company. However, it is rather surprising to note that the key motivation for employees rests in the array of rewards presented by the company on different occasions. The comprehensive Rewards and Recognition policy stands something like this:
CustoMore Awards: This award is conferred either to individuals or teams who have made excellent contribution in Customer Service.

fashion-designer-1Peer to Peer Award: This is a unique award meant to aid workers recognize their colleagues in terms of behavior, which in turn helps the company to rake up important strategies.
Rookie Awards: A new Tripper is bestowed this honor.
Bravo Awards: This is meant for a Tripper who has inspired others to follow his example
Einstein Award: Innovative work is duly recognized by this one.
Raving Fans: A Tripper who has been able to provide a memorable experience for an external customer, is rewarded with this.
Appreciations Unlimited Award: The individual who has garnered the most positive feedbacks from customers is entitled to this award.
Trippers committed to community service are conferred the M.A.D or Making a Difference Award.
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Sponsored trips to different destinations is a unique way of both appreciating quality performers and earning more revenues as the performers in question are expected to generate sales for that particular destination.
Flexible working hours, a team lunch per month, celebration of festivals, free offsite per year, transport benefits (free AC cab service), provision for work from home, healthy meals, company retreats, Happy Hours, fitness programs, and the opportunity to own a share of the company are other benefits offered.
*The information has been sourced from various sites, including employee reviews. This might change without prior notice and with time.