Marico is one of India’s frontline consumer goods companies that was founded in the year 1987. The company is presently one of the leading producers of health and wellness, beauty, and skincare products in the world. It has manufacturing sites throughout the country including factories at Jalgaon, Dehradun, Pondicherry, Goa, and Daman. It also has operations in Bangladesh which goes by the name of Marico Bangladesh Ltd. that is fully owned by the parent organization.

Marico manufactures a range of products that can be broadly categorized under the divisions of ‘edible oils’, ‘skincare’, ‘hair oils’, ‘haircare’, and ‘fabric care’. ‘Parachute’, ‘Parachute Advanced’, ‘Nihar Uttam’, ‘Saffola’, ‘Hair and Care’, ‘Nihar Naturals’ ‘Mediker’ and ‘Revive’ are some ubiquitous Indian brands. Some of the brands which are very popular abroad are ‘Black Chic’, ‘Parachute Extensions’, ‘Hercules’, ‘Fiancee’, ‘Code 10′, ‘Parachute Gold’, and ‘Parachute Secrets’. Its ‘Kaya Skin Clinic’ has more than 40 diverse skincare, bodycare and haircare products for both the genders.

Marico has a strong international presence with business interests in over25 countries in Asia and Africa. The company in the financial year 2011-12 had a turnover exceeding 40 billion INR. The company has a highly structured distribution network in the country that makes it possible for the organization to supply its product line to over 3 million outlets.

Working with Marico

Marico takes pride in its human resources which comprise a team of exceptionally talented and highly professional employees. The company is a firm believer in the axiom ‘Catch Them Young’. The company recruits fresh graduates and thereafter groom them perfectly so that they can adapt to the organizational culture (OC). The organization is not run on bureaucratic lines but is driven by meritocracy. A new recruit will be pleasantly surprised by the congenial work environment where one has the flexibility and the leeway to devise his or her job profile instead of being typecast into a stereotyped role. One gets the opportunity to enrich his or her experience and make self versatile by assuming different job roles. Therefore, as far as career development in Marico is concerned, sky is the limit.

Salaries at Marico

 Many past and present employees of Marico have given high ratings to the company in terms of the parameters of ‘job satisfaction’, ‘work-life balance’, and ‘career development opportunities’. Marico also offers salaries that are well above the industry norms. The following tables exemplify the salary structures based on job position, experience, location (city and state), company size, certification, and gender.

Salaries According to Job Position
Job Position Salary Range ( INR )
Production Supervisor 1 36 004-7 60 054
Production Executive 2 56 000-3 33 000
Manager 13 50 000-16 50 000
Intern (monthly) 11 000-42 000
Brand Manager 11 43 000-15 60 00
Area Sales Manager 3 46 000-3 76 000
Brand Manager (Activation) 9 63 000-10 00 040
Team Sales Manager 4 84 000-5 16 000

Salaries According to Years of Experience

Years of Experience Average Salary ( INR )
0-1 year 3 46 100
5-9 years -610170
10-19 years 14 04 244

Salaries According to Location

When calculating the salaries, the management factors in the ‘cost of living index’. So, someone staying in a Tier-I city gets a higher CCA (city compensatory allowance). However, the basic salary remains uniform throughout the country for all job positions.

City Average Salary ( INR )
Mumbai Metropolitan Area 1021459
Mumbai City 837007

Average State-wise Salary

State Average Salary ( INR )
West Bengal 725510
Maharashtra 924652

Average Salary According to Skill

Skill or Specialty Average Salary ( INR )
Project Management 1300000
People Management 588485

Average Salary According to Industry

Industry Average Salary ( INR )
Food Manufacturing and Processing 346110
Fast moving consumer goods (Wholesale) 1750062

Average Gender-Wise Salary

Gender Average Salary ( INR )
Male 684228

Average Salaries According to Degree

Degree Average Salary ( INR )
Master of Business Administration (MBA) 588188-1584895
Bachelors Degree 263500-692530

Average Salary According to Employment Status

Employment Status Average Salary ( INR )
Permanent 982500

*Salaries are subject to change with time