All seafaring vessels, freight liners, cargo and passenger ships and any type of marine structure, either stationary or floating, are liable to face technical or mechanical problems during operations. The professional who’s responsible for resolving the mechanical or methodological issues faced by ships, yachts, boats, liners, trawlers and any other aquatic vessel is called a marine engineer.
The marine engineer more often than not, works in close co-operation with coastal engineers, professionals responsible for the functioning and maintenance of offshore structures, platforms, and oil-rigs, and all other related experts and specialists. The marine engineer’s core competencies lie in attending to problems concerned with a ship’s control system, radar system, power supply arrangement, propulsion system, and all other connected systems.

Technological strides made in this field (marine engineering) in the last two decades have added yet another dimension or functional area to a marine engineer’s job profile-marine electronics. The segment of marine electronics has functionalities including but not limited to GPRS (global positioning and remote sensing), GPS (global positioning system), and other sensor-driven or autonomous systems.Marine engineers can be found working in the shipping industry, transportation, logistics, and warehousing sectors, marine facilities, marine engineering services and management segments, water transportation facilities, shipyards, dockyards, offshore drilling platforms, oil wells and rigs, and so on.

Marine Engineering Salary: For Public and Private Segments

If you’re successful in getting a job in the public sector, your initial package would be in the range of INR 45,000-INR 60,000 (monthly). If you start off by working in the private sector, your salary is most likely to be in the range of INR 55,000-INR 70,000 every month. As you gather experience, your cumulative salary package goes up. After you garnered sufficient experience, you can also think of applying for a faculty position in a marine training college or institution. If you’re really diligent and committed in your work, you can easily become a chief engineer in about six year time.
The following table presents a tentative salary range for different marine engineering job positions in different organizations.

Job Position Annual Median Salary Range
Marine Engineer/Contractor (Shipping Corporation of India) ₹ 7,70,000 ₹-8,35,000
Marine Engineer-(Singaporean private shipping company) ₹1,45,000 ₹-1,55,000 (monthly)
Marine Engineer/Contractor (Holcim) ₹7,80,000 ₹-8,35,000
Marine Engineer (BP Shipping Ltd) ₹1.25 million ₹-1.36 million
Marine Engineer (Shipping Corporation Of India) ₹ 96,000 ₹-1,04,000
Marine Engineer-artillery/armoury/electrical/electronics (Indian Navy) ₹ 1.24 million ₹-1.36 million
Marine Officer/Engineer (SCI) ₹ 98,000 ₹-1,04,000

Marine Engineering Salary: Based on Experience

Salaries for marine engineers even at the entry-level positions are quite lucrative. As one gathers experience one’s cumulative earnings are also likely to go up. The following table presents incomes for marine engineers in accordance with their professional experience.

Number of years of professional experience Median Salaries (Rs lakhs)
1-4 years 4.8 lakhs- 19. lakhs
5-10 years 5.3 lakhs -31.2 lakhs
11-20 years 7.8 lakhs -40.5 lakhs

Marine Engineering Salary: Based on Cities

The various maritime organizations, shipping ports and companies and all other verticals related to the shipping and maritime industry determine salaries for marine engineers (both for onshore and offshore positions) based on cost of living index in different locations.

Location Salary ( Rs lakhs )
Mumbai Maharashtra 9 to 30
Visakhapatnam Andhra Pradesh 8 to 25
Pune Maharashtra 7 to 22
Chennai Tamil Nadu 8 to 25

Marine Engineering Salary: Based on Industries

Here is a look at the average pay packets earned by engineers with different specialties:

Industrial segment Salary range ( Rs Lakh )
Shipping, Transportation, Logistics and Warehousing 8.69-54.8
Dockyards, shipyards, and related marine shipping repair services 7.06-42.86
Marine or shipping facilities management and logistics 9.64-58.40
Shipping and aquatic transportation 9.82-56.11
Marine engineering services 8.19-49.31

Marine Engineering Salary: Based on Professional Skills

Specific Professional Skill Salary range ( Rs lakh )
Microsoft Word 4.61-12.20
Microsoft Excel 4.64-12.24
Microsoft Office 4.75.-12.80
Naval Engineering 3.47-36.24