Metso is a globally acknowledged name in the world of technology and services which caters to its customers in the field of mining, construction, pulp and paper, power, and oil and gas. It was established in the year 1999, in Helsinki, Finland, and since then, it has spread its business in more than 100 countries around the world.
Metso India, is country’s one of the most reliable and popular companies for technology and services. It excels in departments like, production, engineering, procurements, services business, and sales, with a maximum of 45% of its business coming from services.

Some popular segments that Metso works for are:

  • Mining – 27%
  • Construction -13%
  • Power Generation – 11%
  • Oil and Gas – 7%
  • Recycling – 4%
  • Pulp – 8%
  • Paper – 30%

Metso India careers and benefits:

The company’s success lies not in its years, but in its expertise in the areas it works for. Its young and challenging atmosphere offers a brilliant platform to professionals. The most important values that the company harps on are, continuous learning, innovativeness and creativity. Its 300 units in more than 50 countries make it accessible for its customers to experience world class technological services. The 30,000 employees are selected with acute care and professionalism.
Metso hires employees through various operations, including, summer jobs and the usual recruitment procedure. They offer great remunerations, salary packages, compensations and rewards to its employees, and provide them a very lively atmosphere to learn and grow.

Metso India salaries:

Metso offers wonderful pay packages to its employees, along with annual bonus and compensations. And like every good company, they review the performance of their employees at regular time period and decide their increments and awards. The salary ranges have been prepared, depending on various factors, from qualification to designation. Take a look.

Salary range for popular designations in Metso India:

  • Financial Controller : Rs 1,373,241 – Rs 3,624,698
  • Human Resource : Rs 183,576 – Rs 637,128

Bonus for popular designations in Metso India:

  • Financial Controller : Rs 131,714 – Rs 861,126
  • Human resource : Rs 4,136 – Rs 88,179

Salary range for popular qualification in Metso India:

  • Bachelor’s Degree : Rs 468,951 – Rs 1,521,311

Salary range on the basis of gender in Metso India:

  • A huge ratio of employees in Metso India has been recorded as male, and their salary ranges from : Rs 400,000 – Rs 1,600,000
  • The ratio of female employees in Metso India hasn’t been recorded in great numbers and their salary range is almost same to their male counterparts.

Popular cities to work with Metso India are:

  • New Delhi,Delhi
  • Gurgaon, Haryana
  • Gujarat
  • West Bengal

Interview Criteria for Metso India:

To maintain the standard, it has been able to achieve so far, the company is very careful in choosing its employees, who have to go through a certain selection procedure to be a part of the team. Take a look.

  • The first round, is most of the times a telephonic interview with the candidates, where some basic interaction takes place between them and the HRs.
  • The second round is the HR round, where aptitude and skills would be tested by the panel.
  • The third round is the personal interview round with the board of directors.

The Metso India offers amazing prospects to young professionals, who can start their career in the world of business and establish themselves in the area of their expertise.