Mumbai Metro Top management Salary

In top management, first comes the chairman then comes the general managers of various department. Then comes the deputy managers, town planner and transportation planner. Difference in salary exists due to seniority position otherwise the salaries are same for same level of position. Head of finance, CFO comes in top management and his salary is similar to general manager. CFO earns in the scale of Rs 51,000 to Rs 73,000 per month. The salaries of other top managers is shown below in the table.

Designation Year of Experience Salary (permonth)
General Manager (Civil) 15 Rs.75000
General Manager (Stations and Depot) 15 Rs.75000
General Manager (Electrical/Mechanical) 15 Rs.75000
General Manager (Signalling and Telecom.) 15 Rs.75000
Dy General Manager (Civil) Tunnel 8 Rs.60000
Dy General Manager (Civil) Station 8 Rs.60000
Dy General Manager (Electrical Mechanical) 8 Rs.60000
Town Planner 8 Rs.52933
Transportation Planner 8 Rs.52933

Mumbai Metro Middle Management Salary

Middle management includes assistant manager of each department and deputy engineers working under general manager. Assistants of various department heads come in middle management. Community development officer also comes in the middle management. Salary of assistant of general managers of all departments is same. They get in the bracket of Rs. 29K to Rs. 54K per month. The salaries of different post of middle management is given in the table.

Job Title Payscale (per month)
Company Secretary Rs 32900-Rs 58000
Deputy Chief Finance Officer Rs 32900-Rs 58000
Assistant General Manager (Finance) Rs 29100-Rs 54500
Assistant General Manager (HR) Rs 29100-Rs 54500
Assistant General Manager (PR) Rs 29100-Rs 54500
Assistant General Manager (Environment) Rs 29100-Rs 54500
Assistant General Manager/Executive Engineer (Civil) Rs 29100-Rs 54500
Community Development Officer Rs 29100-Rs 54500
Deputy Engineer (Civil) Rs 29100-Rs 54500
Deputy Engineer (Electrical) Rs 20600-Rs 46500
Deputy Engineer (Environment)/Assistant Manager (Environment) Rs 20600-Rs 46500
Assistant Manager (Finance) Rs 20600-Rs 46500

Mumbai Metro Supervisory level Salary

Salaries of supervisory level is more than the other government organisations have. All the office assistants come in the place of supervisory level. Some of the post of supervisory level are Office Assistant (HR), Community Development Assistant and Junior Assistant cum Computer Operator. Salary of computer operator is lowest among supervisory level. They are having same salary as the industry is spending. For other supervisory employees, Mumbai metro pays more than Industrial average. Given table shows their salaries.

Job Payscale (per month)
Office Assistant (HR) Rs 14000-Rs 26950
Community Development Assistant Rs 13500-Rs 25520
Jr. Assistant cum Computer Operator Rs 8000-Rs 14140


About Mumbai Metro

Mumbai Metro One Pvt Ltd (MMOPL) operates Mumbai metro. It is joint venture formed by Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA), Reliance Infrastructure and Veolia transport. After getting successful in Delhi, It was designed to reduce traffic in Mumbai. Mumbai Metro providing its services to general public since 2006 after inaugurating the first phase project by Manmohan Singh. It proved to be very convenient to public to use public transport. It recruits large number of people. Each level of employees have equal salary packages but skills make the difference to their salary. This article comprises the salaries of employees of Mumbai Metro Rail Corporation. Salaries are displayed separately for administration, management and supervision level. Scroll down for the salaries of professionals in Mumbai Metro at different level and know more about their pay scale.


Mumbai Metro spends above average salaries to their employees at all level. Top management earns more than Rs 50K per month. Where, upper top management even gets higher than Rs. 80K. Concerning middle management salary, Mumbai metro pays above Rs.25K. According to their work and experience, they are entitle with salary close to Rs. 50K. Where, Deputy engineer with great work and experience offered with salary near to Rs 40K. Supervisory level employees gets above than what they gets in other PSUs. Their salary comes in the band of Rs. 13K to Rs. 25K per month. Computer operator are able to get in the band of Rs.8K to Rs. 14K.