Nagpur is the emerging metropolitan and ranked among the fast growing cities in India in terms of number of household with an annual income of Rs 1 crore or more. The city is the main centre of commerce and also an important trade location. The city is also having the huge mineral potential and mining is done on a large scale. Large number of Industries has been established in Nagpur since last two decade. This led the city to increase the speed of Industrialisation to becomes the major Industrial city. The small scale Industries are also showing their development perspective. The process Industry is also flourishing and spreading their roots.

Vidarbha and nagpur has very famous and important power sector as compared to whole Maharashtra. Butibori is an Industrial suburb of Nagpur and it also having the largest Industrial area in all of Asia. Rama Synthetic which manufacture synthetic yarn is the largest unit in Butibori. Other units in Butibori are the power transmission company Gammon India Limited (T & D), Gammon India Ltd. (Infra), Central Workshop, KEC, Hyundai Unitech, ACC Nihon Castings Ltd.

Hingna is also one of the Industrial estate in the western border of the Nagpur. Which consist of around 900 small and medium Industrial units . The units among them are Mahindra and Mahindra’s tractor manufacturing plant, casting units of NECO Ltd, International Combustion unit, Bajaj Auto group, Candico (the second largest confectionery manufacturing plant in India), Ajanta toothbrushes, and Sanvijay Group (largest steel rolling group of companies for long products in Central India).

Nagpur is also home to ice-cream manufacturer Dinshaws, Indian dry food manufacturer Haldiram’s, Indian Ready to Cook food manufacturer Actchawa and Ayurvedic product company Vicco and Baidyanath.

Nagpur is having number of colleges, which gives a great platform for higher education in the stream of engineering, arts and social science, law, commerce, medical science, journalism etc. Yeshwantrao Chavan College of Engineering (YCCE) is one of the reputed college of university of Nagpur. If we see the average annual package of the alumni of YCCE, then operation manager enjoying highest salary of Rs. 18 lakh annually. Where, the project manager are getting the Rs. 13.7 lakh package annually. Other engineers alumni of YCCE are getting in the bracket of Rs.3.5 to Rs. 8 lakh annually.

Salaries of Professionals

Among the professional degree or other degree holder, Management degree (MBA) holder in finance are enjoying the highest average annual package. Lets see how degree holder are payed. Salaries of Degree holders

Degree/ Major Subject Salary Data
Bachelor's Degree Rs. 120000 – Rs. 1000000
MBA Rs. 150000 – Rs. 720000
BEng / BE Mechanical Engineering Rs. 150000 – Rs 1500000
MCA Applications Development Rs. 100000 – Rs 740000
BCom Accounting & Finance Rs. 230000 – Rs 1600000
MBA Human Resources Management Rs. 175000 – Rs 750000
BEng / BE Civil Engineering Rs. 570000 – Rs 1935000
Associate's Degree Rs 200000 – Rs 540000

Salaries in Accordance with Industries

If we see the salary according to the Industry, Construction sector is paying the highest average annual package. IT sector is also paying the handsome amount of salary. Following are the salaries of other Industry

Average Salary by Industry

Industry Salary
IT services Rs. 340000
Software Development Rs. 300000
Construction Rs. 360000
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software Development Rs. 190000
Web Development Rs. 190000
Financial Services Rs. 250000
Manufacturing Rs. 192000

Concluding Remark

Nagpur is the fastest growing city in the country. The city is having favourable transportation condition which led the industry to develop and go in the path of fast growth with small scale Industry also. The salaries are not at par with the metropolitan average but still the better than the stagnated cities