Salary hike for pre-primary teachers and ayahs in Kerala

Salary for pre-primary teachers and ayahs to be hiked in Kerala as the Kerala high court said that education begins at 3 years not 6.


The order issued on Thursday by the High court, stated that education of a child begins at much lower age i.e. when the child is just three years of age at lower kindergarten level (LKG) not six as assumed in the Constitution of India a

d Right to Education Act, 2005.


Staff of these institutes has appealed the court to increase their salaries. On this, the court, has directed the state to look into this and grant the hike of five times the actual salary of pre-primary school teachers and ayahs. At present the salary of teachers is just Rs 900. The High court has said that the salary of teachers should be raised to Rs 5000 and that of ayahs to Rs 3500 from Rs 600.


Justice C.N. Ramachandran Nair and Justice Babu Mathew P. Joseph issued the directive. The directive is based on the findings that pre-school trains the child for main school thus equally important in the overall development of the child.


The government should give reasonable wages to these teachers and ayahs who are serving in these school and the teachers are well-qualified.


The total salary and commitment by the government for the teachers may be up to 15 to 16 crores, which won’t be a massive burden for the state to handle.


The appeal was filed by the Kerala pre-primary teachers’ association in which ingle bench order declaring that the state has no responsibility to pay salary to teachers and Ayahs in government schools was challenged.


Association has said that wages paid to the teachers are extremely low and must be raised to a reasonable level.


Source: The Asian Age

Last Updated:06-07-12