A globally recognized name in the world of pharmaceuticals, Novartis is one of the leading researchers and developers of health care products and technologies. They have earned a reputation for themselves with their breaking inventions in health and well being.
The company is based in Switzerland, Basil, but is spread in almost 140 countries through its branches and offices. In India, their services can be approached through the Novartis India Limited (NIL), which is as popular name in the country as Novartis in the World. The Novartis India is a popular target for both consumers and young professionals, who want to have an access to their services, in any way.
Some of the Popular Products by Novartis:

  • Alcon (Eye Care)
  • Sandoz (Generics)
  • Vaccinations
  • Diagnostics
  • Over-the-counter medicines
  • Animal health care products

Novartis India Career Opportunities and Benefits:

The company offers wonderful platform to its employees for professional growth in their career and to learn as much about the industry as they can. The company conducts executive programs on regular basis, where employees get to interact and share their ideas with the employers and team leaders. It also offers a lot of monetary benefits to its employees, as besides the usual base compensation, many performance based compensations are also awarded to them for encouragement and better output. There are also some unique variable compensation plans, introduced by the management. These are –

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Short Term Incentive Plans: Employees, under this plan are awarded for their target achievements, team efficiencies and yearly output.
Novartis Equity Plan Select: Under this plan, associates are eligible to take grants on an annual basis, in the form of restricted shares, or tradable share options.
Long Term Performance Plan: The key executives are awarded under this plan for their long time contribution and association.

Salary Ranges Offered by Novartis India:

The company takes care of its employees requirements, financial and professional, in a very efficient way and hence they provide attractive salary packages to them, with appropriate compensations and bonus. The designation, experience and efficiency of a person is capable of drawing as much rewards as possible, and this is very well looked upon in Novartis India.

Salary Range in Novartis India for Designations:
Particulars Salary Range
Clinical Data Manager Rs 232 552 – Rs 801 572
Clinical Laboratory Scientist Rs 142 614 – Rs 544 123
Clinical Research Associate Rs 142 614 – Rs 544 123
Medical Writer Rs 164 219 – Rs 697 715
SAS Programmer Rs 248 645 – Rs 955 676

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Salary Range for Marketing Jobs in Novartis India
Particulars Salary Range
Marketing Manager Rs 250 775 – Rs 1 256 656
Medical Sales Representative Rs 168 305 – Rs 683 829
Sales Advisor Rs 151 521 – Rs 943 571
Statistical Analyst Rs 189 685 – Rs 790 131
Salary Range by Qualification
Particulars Salary Range
Bachelor's Degree Rs 167 000 – Rs 1 054 421
Master of Business Administration Rs 550 276 – Rs 1 164 883
Salary Range by Gender
Particulars Salary Range
27% of employees in NovartisIndiaare females earning Rs 290 902 – Rs 494 797
73% of employees in NovartisIndiaare males earning Rs 293 306 – Rs 765 615

Novartis India Recruitment Procedure:

The company follows a structured criterion to interview people for jobs. They have to maintain a certain standard for themselves, as their reputation asks for it, and hence a couple of rounds are conducted for each candidate before the final selection.

  • The first round is a written test, which includes questions to analyze your analytical skills. Puzzles and general questions will be asked here.
  • The second round will be an HR round, where communication skills and personality will be analyzed.
  • There will also be a technical round, if the employees are applying for technical posts.

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Novartis India, with its own personal development, also takes care of the growth and satisfaction of its employees and hence, many young professionals and health care students aspire for a position in this unit, in any part of the world.