Salary in India for NRI?

Some of the leading sectors in India are in the lookout for candidates with considerable global experience as they find the same requirements and skill lacking in India. As such NRIs rethinking their decision to settle in India have much to be happy about as they are thought to fit the bill in these sectors. Let us know more about which industries these are and what do they have to offer the NRIs in terms of pay.

The employees in the Telecom industry in India are usually entitled to a host of benefits which include:

  • Relocation Expenses
  • Paid Sick Leaves
  • Paid Holidays
  • Casual Dressing
  • Gym/Health club memberships
  • Life Insurance
  • Free Juice/drinks etc

Telecom Industry

With staggering growth statistics to its credit there has been marked improvement in the trend of hiring NRIs in the industry. They are in need of highly skilled labor for their innovative services.

Telecom Billing Software Jobs Average salaries (per annum)
Team Leader IT INR 918 969
Senior Software Engineer / Developer / Programmer INR 642 490
Project Manager Information Technology INR 1 017 365
Software Engineer INR 394 724
Senior Software Engineer INR 714 617
Information Technology (IT) Consultant INR 642 980

Retail Industry

The retail Industry in India has particularly been riding high on the services of the NRIs coming on board with their highly valuable services and expertise of global order. Here is how the retail industry pays in India:

Retail Industry Jobs Average salaries (per annum)
Retail Store Manager INR 311 004
Department Manager Retail Store INR 275 478
Software Engineer INR 367 659
Human Resources (HR) Manager INR 570 079
Sr. Software Engineer / Developer / Programmer INR 596 810
Senior Software Engineer INR 682 980

The package of benefits in the Indian retail industry is designed with a view to ensure the best possible deals for their employees. It includes:

  • Paid Holidays
  • Private Medical Insurance
  • Cell Phone
  • Paid Sick Leave
  • Gym/Health club memberships
  • Life Insurance
  • Free drinks

IT Industry

The booming industry in India is on the lookout for hiring dynamic individuals with considerable global exposure for some of its operations in technology. Here is how this industry pays its employees:
Software Engineer- INR 349,655 (average per annum)
Software developer- INR 313,938 (average per annum)
SAP Professional- INR 587,427 (average per annum)


The e-commerce industry of India requires global proficiency in order to build on its traffic, user enhancement and build applications. Here is how individuals with e-commerce skills are paid in India:

Jobs Average salaries (per annum)
Senior Software Architect INR 2 007 077
Information Technology (IT) Consultant INR 705 058
Software Test Lead INR 653 368
Project Manager Software Development INR 1 166 985
Team Leader IT INR 714 528

Now that NRIs have a fair idea of what are the paying structures of some of the leading industries in India which are at present in need of global expertise, they should keep a few things in mind before joining these industries:
The value of USD (or equivalent currencies) is not going to convert in the same value of INR. Costs of living as well as the local labor market wage are much lower in India and salaries are determined accordingly
CTC (Cost to Company) in India may not imply only cash components
It is advisable to have a sound knowledge of the PPP or Purchasing Power Parity before migrating to India.

*The information regarding some of the leading sectors in need of global expertise is sourced from recent reports published in the Times of India, while that regarding things which an NRI should know before settling for a job in India is taken from reports in The Economic Times.