By theoretical definition of an orthopedic surgeon is someone who is trained to treat joints, bones and ligaments, skeleton and age related problems that may occur either naturally or owing to age.
In this article we are going to concentrate on the average pay in store for individuals who want to make it big in this field, with details of the pay lists drawn with a view to aid you in developing a clear idea of how much you are eligible to earn with your experience, in the industry you are in and in the city you are living.

Orthopedic Surgeon Salaries Based on Industry

As per available data an orthopedic surgeon is most likely to rake in the highest possible salaries in Medical services and healthcare. Have a look:

Industry Annual Average Salaries
Orthopedic Surgery Hospital Medical Services Healthcare INR 50335 – INR 3649227 INR 325779 – INR1854756INR 63869 – INR1220838 INR 306386 – INR6438908

Orthopedic Surgeon Salaries Based on Experience

With the growing number of years in his field an orthopedic surgeon can expect considerable increase in salary ranges:

Experience Annual Average Salaries
Less than a year 1-4 years 5-9 years 10-19 years INR 420000 – INR 5789474 INR 181207 – INR 1208048 INR 333746 – INR 2013414 INR 201341 – INR 3649227

Salaries Based on Cities

The pay packet is designed with a view to meet the cost of living in different cities and states of the country:

Cities Annual Average Salaries
Mumbai Maharashtra INR 330165 – INR 616736
Bangalore Karnataka INR 364923 – INR 6488985
Pune Maharashtra INR 240000 – INR 1001009
Chennai Tamil Nadu INR 282000 – INR 1080000

Orthopedic Surgeon Salaries by State

State Annual Average Salaries
Delhi INR 183831 – INR 4893570
Tamil Nadu INR 420000 – INR 1200000
Maharashtra INR 199658 – INR 2383903
Karnataka INR 364923 – INR 6488985
Gujarat INR 707497 – INR 1784857
Kerala INR 589581 – INR 1189905

Orthopedic Surgeon Salaries Based on Gender

Though not much is known about the prevalent salary ranges that female orthopedic surgeons are entitled to, here is a glimpse of the average wages in store for their male counterparts:

Gender Annual Average Salaries
Male INR 206790 – INR 2424334

Orthopedic Surgeons’ Salaries based on Hospital Setting

We have narrowed down a bit from industry based salaries to the prevalent trends in pay in different hospital settings:

Though the package of benefits may differ with different organizations an orthopedic surgeon in general is entitled to the benefits listed below:

  • Paid Vacation
  • Cash Bonus
  • Private Medical Insurance
  • Paid Sick Leave
  • Cash Bonus

Cash Bonus

State Annual Average Salaries
Surgery Center/ Ambulatory Care INR 51064 – INR 1208048
General Hospital INR 197265 – INR 2461343
Nursing Home or Extended Care INR 589581 – INR 1200000
Experience Cash Bonus
Less than a year INR 7500
1-4 years INR 9787
5-9 years INR 9826
10-19 years INR 20000
20 years or more INR 30000

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Experience Paid Vacation
1-4 years 2.3 weeks
5-9 years 2.1 weeks
10-19 years 3 weeks
20 years or more 2.7 weeks

*Salaries are subject to change without prior notice.