With an annual turnover of around INR 10 billion at present, Parle Agro is one of the fastest growing food and beverages companies in India. With no less focus on its water and pet businesses, Parle Agro aims to surpass its projected INR 30 billion turnover very soon. As you browse further down the page you will be provided with relevant information regarding the currents pay trends at the company, but before that let’s take a sneak peek into products which feature significantly in the company’s portfolio.


  • Snacks
  • Confectionery

Beverages from the house of Parle Agro belong to the best brands in the market:

  • Frooti
  • Appy Fizz
  • Appy
  • Saint Juice

Pet business includes Pet performs.

Salary at Parle Agro

The company’s particular focus on quality and brands has proved to be a major benefit for it in terms of revenue generation and employee retention. With an employee rating of as high as 4.1 (glassdoor.com), Parle Agro is aiming for further milestones in their sector. In the meanwhile, those who are looking forward to shaping up their careers at the concern, here is a list of salaries of some of the prominent profiles there:

Job Category Approximate Salaries Earned Per Year
Accounts Manager INR 300000- INR 605000 with an average salary of INR 420000
Growth Officer INR 120000- INR 225000 with an average salary of INR 168333
Accounts Executive or Accountant INR 100000- INR 493000 with an average salary range of INR 227000
Executive or Administration Assistant INR 150000- INR 340000 with an average salary range of INR 195000

Area Sales Manager salaries at Parle Agro

The Area Sales Managers at Parle Agro are entitled to lucrative remunerations based on their skills. According to careeropener.com some of the most rewarding of these skills are Area Sales Management, Food, Market and Channel sales with the yearly salaries reaching up to INR 3, 45,000, INR 5, 17,000, INR 3, 09,000 and INR 4,46,000 respectively.

Scope at Parle Agro

The company has a range of careers in the offing:

  • Quality Assurance
  • Management
  • Engineering
  • Can Line Chemist
  • Trade Marketing
  • Taxation
  • Purchase

*Aforementioned salaries are subject to change without prior notice.