Pharmacists in India get a lot of career opportunities, beyond the traditional retailing pharmacy jobs. Pharmacist’ salary in India is rewarding and it varies from one company to another. The public companies offer lucrative salary along with other benefits, which includes

  • Medical – 72%
  • Vision – 3%
  • Others – 25%

Average Salary of Pharmacist

Average median salary range for male pharmacists in India – 191,340 to INR 276,000
Average median salary range for female pharmacists in India – INR 99,000 to INR 228,000

Pharmacists Salary by City

The median salary range for pharmacists (hospital services) as per different states of India has been listed below:

Name of the State Median Salary Range (per year)
Karnataka ₹ 99,000 – ₹ 228,000
Delhi ₹ 97,667 – ₹ 235,832
Andhra Pradesh ₹ 96,000 – ₹ 2,400,000
Kerala ₹ 51,000 – ₹ 66,000

Pharmacist Salary by Industrial Sectors

The median salary range for pharmacists (hospital services) as per different industrial sectors of India has been listed below:

Name of the Industrial Sector Median Salary Range (per year)
Pharmaceutical Sector ₹ 62,384 – ₹ 320,229
Healthcare Sector ₹ 64,328 – ₹ 431,739
Hospital Sector ₹ 63,788 – ₹ 380,228
Internal Medicine Sector ₹ 73,028 – ₹ 356,056
Medical Services ₹ 68,879 – ₹ 511,063

Pharmacist Salary by Size (number of employee)

The median salary range for pharmacists (hospital services) as per size of company in India has been listed below:

Size of the company (number of employee) Median Salary Range (per year)
10 to 40 employees ₹ 121,335 – ₹ 287,500
200 to 599 employees ₹ 75,000 – ₹ 180,300

Certifications Required to be a Pharmacist

For working as a registered pharmacist, one needs to complete a diploma or degree in pharmaceutical sciences, after passing higher secondary (+2) examination. Students from science background are admitted in a degree or diploma program. Eligible candidates need to qualify in an entrance examination (written), conducted by the central and state governments of India. Students passing the diploma examination and meeting all other eligibility criteria, as set by the Pharmacy Council of India get registered as professional pharmacists. After that they can apply to various jobs.

Career Prospects for Pharmacists

Pharmacists in India as well as abroad have immense growth opportunities. Apart from leading pharmaceutical companies, pharmacists also get employment in hospitals, government health offices, big financial firms, research institutions, health insurance companies, medical schools, pharmacy, and advertising agencies. Pharmacists are broadly classified into
– Hospital pharmacists
– Retail pharmacists
– Industrial pharmacists

Salary of a pharmacist steadily rises along with years of experience, knowledge and acquired skills.