A doctorate degree is an educational or a professional certification that makes the holder (of the doctorate degree) eligible to tutor or coach in a university in his or her area of specialization. A professional career after accomplishing a PhD degree can be undoubtedly lucrative provided the candidate is able to garner extensive experience by electing to teach for a certain number of years in a university and then graduating to do cutting-edge research work in a public or private sector establishment.

There is a widespread belief that an individual goes for a PhD degree mainly to become a professor or lecturer. Although a career or calling as an academician after getting a PhD has always been an option, it is neither the most sought after option nor the last alternative. A PhD equips a candidate with skills that are not purely academic in nature like the tenacity to work for long hours, handle pressure cooker situations, and find solutions to problems that are extremely complex. These skills come handy when has to work in a non-academic environment for instance in a R&D lab, business consultancy agency, financial organization or an IT enterprise.

Salaries for PhD Degree Holders in India

To track salary structures of PG and UG degree employees is an easier task than computing and establishing a salary hierarchy for working professionals with PhD degrees. This is so because the number of job aspirants in India with a PhD certification can still be counted on one’s fingers and hence very few surveys or studies have been conducted on the salaries or remunerations of professionals with PhD degrees.

An entry level professor gets around 52,000 INR per month in a public university (often with free accommodation). Then there are opportunities to earn via scholarships and consultative assignments for commercial institutions. One gets a higher salary when one is engaged in the private sector for the same positions.

Nevertheless, the salary (at all hierarchical levels) of a typical PhD holder depends on his physical location (metro or non-metro), the professional area (medicine, law, business, humanities, engineering and so on) and the sector (private/public). The following tables illustrate the salary configuration of Doctorate or PhD degree holders in terms of job position, experience, location, and organization.

Average Salary Range in terms of Job Position

Job Position Salary Range ( INR )
Research Scientist 3,69,500-29,73,045
Associate Professor (Higher Education) 2,94,795-15,00,020
Assistant Professor (Higher Education) 3,04,840-8,93,974
Senior Research Scientist (Biotech) 2,94,010-21,50,000
Professor (Post Secondary Education) 3,95,895-34,90,500
Senior Research Scientist (unstipulated category) 3,89,810-25,12,440
Research Scientist (Biotech) 3,58,800-19,39,200
Years of Experience Average Salary ( INR )
0-1 year 4,90,283
1-4 years 6,55,560
5-9 years 8,90,488
10-19 years 17,82,650
20 years- 23,42,200

Average Salary in terms of location (City/State)

City (State) Average Salary ( INR )
Bangalore (Karnataka) 12,26,997
New Delhi (Delhi) 7,16,379
Greater Mumbai (Maharashtra) 8,65,380
Pune (Maharashtra) 9,08,330
Hyderabad (Andhra Pradesh) 9,18,560
Proper Mumbai (Maharashtra) 12,28,910
Chennai (Tamil Nadu) 8,40,023

Average Salary According to Organization

Name of Organization Salary Range ( INR )
Shell Oil Company 7,35,450-40,45,217
Asea Brown Boveri (ABB) 10,47,620-16,50,000
Novartis 1,76,875-19,04,316
Dr. Reddy's Laboratories Ltd 5,15,065-19,00,000
General Electric Company 3,60,000-21,00,120

Average Salary According to State

State or Union Territory Average Salary ( INR )
Andhra Pradesh 8,89,890
Delhi 9,27,469
Gujarat 806,802
Karnataka 12,14,735
Maharashtra 9,31,120
Tamil Nadu 7,04,687
Uttar Pradesh 10,89,910

Average Salary by Employee Strength (Company Size)

Employee Strength Average Salary ( INR )
1-9 7,20,100
10-49 6,00,000
50-199 7,07,114
200-599 9,67,025
600-1999 9,35,615
2000-4999 9,87,100
5000-19999 12,48,000
20000-49000 23,96,620
50000+ 22,43,660

Average Salary According to Certification

Certification Average Salary ( INR )
PMP (Project Management Professional) 20,00,000
Six Sigma Green Belt (Certified) 14,30,027
Registered Pharmacist 8,00,000
Human Resources Professional 16,10,015
Microsoft Certified Professional 40,50,023
Master Reading Teacher Certification 8,87,840
ISO Internal Auditor 31,00,000
Human Resources Management Professional 12,00,000
Oracle Certified Professional 14,73,963
Cisco Certified Network Associate 17,90,000

*Salaries are subject to change with time