The increasing need for fitness not only in order to excel in various disciplines like sports, acting, dancing etc but also to battle basic health concerns like tiredness, lack of immunity etc has necessitated the need for incorporating comprehensive fitness programs in schools. Children spend most of their time in school and it is good that the need for undergoing basic physical training in the form of sports, yoga, is understood from childhood. The basic responsibilities of physical instructors at schools are:

  • See over the fact that the fitness equipments in school (be they for gymming, sports, swimming etc) are in order
  • Ensure that the entire 30-35 minutes allocated for sports period in schools are utilized properly where every child gets involved in physical activities
  • Plan practice opportunities like group activities and partner activities
  • Make sure that the place for practicing physical activities is properly organized

Salary of a Physical Education Instructor

Physical instructors in schools earn on an average of INR 181,207 – INR 476,781 with variations based on experience, certification etc.

Physical Education Instructor Salary in a School Based on Experience

The salaries for physical education teachers in schools amply reward their growing experience in the field. Here is glimpse of the average salaries earned by them in the first four years of their career.

Experience Average Salary (per year)
1-4 years INR 96644 – INR 476781

Physical Education Instructor Salary by Certification

Similar to their academic counterparts, the average salaries of Physical Education Teachers can also be differentiated as per the certifications earned by them. Here is a look:

Certification Average Salary (Per Year)
Secondary Teachers Certification (Grade 9-12) INR 176874 – INR 264000
Teacher Certification INR 185021 – INR 306582

Average Salaries Based on Gender

Gender Average Salary (Per Year)
Male INR 255832 – INR – 306582

Benefits and Perks

The usual benefits designed for Physical Education Teachers may vary with school to school. However here is a lowdown on the bonus and length of paid vacation that Physical Education teachers are entitled to in different schools.

Bonus Based on Experience

Experience Bonus
1-4 years INR 6250
5-9 years INR 2000

Bonus based on Certification

Certification Bonus
Teacher Certification INR 1000
Secondary Teacher Certification (Grade 9-12) INR 1500
Middle Teacher Certification (Grade 5-9) INR 50000

Bonus based on Gender

Gender Bonus
Male INR 2000

Vacation Weeks based on Experience

Experience Vacation Weeks
1-4 years 3 weeks
5-9 years 6 weeks

Vacation Weeks based on Certification

Experience Vacation Weeks
Secondary Teacher Certification (Grade 9-12) 4.4 weeks
Certified Athletic Trainer 3.0 weeks
Teacher Certification 4.0 weeks

Vacation Weeks based on Gender

Gender Vacation Weeks
Male 4.5 weeks

Some facts about Physical Education Instructors or Teachers:

  • As per available information, Christ Church School (Bombay Education Society) is one of the largest employers of Physical Education Teachers among Indian schools where 4.55% of the total number of professionals work with an annual average salary of INR 1.73 lakhs per year (with more than 7 years of experience)
  • Yoga, education and badminton are the three most lucrative areas of physical education for instructors on an average, with 0-3 years of experience
  • For physical instructors with 3-7 experience in the field, the most lucrative areas are badminton, training, athletics and Yoga
  • Education, teaching, athletics and sports remain the most profitable areas for physical instructors with more than seven year of experience
  • Pathways School, Gurgaon pays around INR 347,000 – INR 372,000 to its Physical Education Teachers

*Salaries are subject to change with time