“Exciting and sky touching career of pilot also have sky high salary. This article gives an overview of pilot salary in India with much focus on their salary difference arises in industry with different experience level, city and certification.”

One of the most exciting professions to be a part of, salaries may not be the biggest concern for individuals looking forward to the thrill of flying as a pilot. Yet as a thoroughgoing professional you should be aware of the current trends of pay in the industry, just in order to consolidate your position in a career so carefully etched out by you.

Salary Range Based on Type of Aircraft / Officer Rank*

Airbus A-300/ A-310/ A-320 Rs.350,000 – 600,000 Rs.225,000 – 300,000 Rs.90,000 – 150,000
Airbus A-340 Rs.400,000 – 650,000 Rs.250,000 – 325,000 Rs.100,000 – 180,000
Boeing 737-900 Rs.400,000 – 650,000 Rs.225,000 – 350,000 Rs.100,000 – 210,000
Cargo International/Domestic Rs.300,000 – 600,000 Rs.175,000 – 400,000 Rs.80,000 – 200,000
Courier Flight Rs.200,000 – 325,000 Rs.90,000 – 150,000
Private/ VIP Aircraft Rs.100,000 – 150,000
Private Air Taxi Rs.100,000 – 150,000


* The above salary ranges are base salaries for the mandatory 50 hours/month flight, but when they do flight up to 90 hours per month their remuneration goes up by up to 50% over the above figures.


Average Salary of Pilot based on Experience

Experience in this trade plays a crucial role in determining your future- not only in terms of learning but also the kind of remuneration you can expect:

Experience Average Salaries ( per month)
Less than a year Rs.60,000 – 130,000
1-4 years Rs.100,000 – 300,000
5-9 years Rs.250,000 – 450,000
10-19 years Rs.400,000 – 700,000
More than 20 years Rs.500,000 – 1,000,000

 Monthly Salaries Based on Certification or Training

Job Category Industry Monthly Salary Range
Commercial Pilot Commercial Aviation Rs.300,000 to Rs.1,000,000
Private Pilot Private Flight/Air Taxi Rs.150,000 to Rs.300,000

For admission in any training course you need to at least pass out your plus two examinations. Then PAT or Pilot Aptitude Test, an interview and fitness test are all conducted in successive order before admission to decent training courses.