Proctor and Gamble, with its wide range of consumer goods, has become the fastest growing consumer product company in India. Following a series of mergers and acquisitions, this MNC has very aptly adapted itself to the Indian market and has successfully catered to the needs of the customers. In the highly competitive and price sensitive Indian market, P and G has gained substantial market share due to its high performing employees. Salary offered by P and G has played a crucial role in attracting the right talent and motivating employees to perform optimally. Please note that all salaries mentioned below are annual incomes of employees.

Salary by Years of Experience in Proctor and Gamble

The median salary is determined by taking the average of all employees in the organisation with years of experience as the sole determining criteria.

Years of Experience Median Salary
0 To 1 Year Rs.642000
1 To 4 Years Rs.1164412
5 To 9 Years Rs.655588
10 or more years Rs.1554990

Salary by Place of Posting in Proctor and Gamble

Place of posting plays a critical role in determining the salary of employees. The median salary for a place is determined based on the type of operations the company has at that place. Some places have manufacturing plants where the median salary takes into account the officers as well as workers while some places have marketing offices and research laboratories where the count of senior employees is more.

Place of Posting Median Salary
Mumbai Rs.1292237
Bangalore Rs.991690
Delhi Rs.490000
Himachal Pradesh Rs.620000
Bhopal Rs.331632
Chandigarh Rs.1563631

Salary by Education in Proctor and Gamble

This category takes into account the basic certified education level which may differ in specialisation and years of study as per the job requirement.

Education Median Salary
Graduate Rs.772500
Professional Degree Rs.1148276

Salary by skill and speciality

The median salary in this category takes into account all the employees working at various levels with varied years of experience possessing the same specific skill or speciality.

Speciality Median Salary
Strategic Management Rs.1688550
Business Development Rs.1600000
Project Management Rs.1350000
Strategic Planning Rs.1080000
Niche skills Rs.1425000

Salary by Industry

Proctor and Gamble has diversified products catering to different industries. These different segments are separate business entities in themselves and employees working here draw different salaries which depend upon the range of products and the degree of specialisation required for manufacturing and marketing of the products.

Industry Type Median Salary
Consumer Products Rs.969117
Packaged Products Rs.1153568
Healthcare Products Rs.1000000
Food Products Rs.1062000

Salary by Gender

In India, Proctor and Gamble’s total employee strength comprises of about 76 percent male employees and 24 percent female Employees. The median salary under this category is the average salary drawn by a male or a female after taking into account the entire employee count of that particular gender. The median salary of a male employee is Rs.1, 127,132 while that of a female employee is Rs.624, 496.


Since its inception into Indian market in the year 1964, Proctor and Gamble has successfully satisfied its external as well as internal customers. Official survey certifies that P and G pays its employees above industry standards. The basic salary component is coupled with various other attractive employee benefits like bonuses, vacations and profit sharing. These additional benefits are dependent on an individual employee’s performance, number of years with the organisation and the job criticality. On a whole Proctor and Gamble has created a benchmark in the fast moving consumer goods industry not only in terms of its products, but also by creating a highly satisfied team.