Incorporated as the Acme Clothing Private Limited on 11th November, 1997, Provogue today stands as one of the major retail apparel brands in the country with a supposed turnover of a whopping INR 500- INR 1000 crores- (as per a recent piece of information). Based primarily in Mumbai, the brand today has made it available in 110 “shops in shops” and 126 Provogue stores. Listed below are details regarding the average range of salaries pocketed by the employees of the highly esteemed company in a particular year. Some of the most prominent products featuring significantly in the portfolio of the company are:

  • Shirts
  • Shoes
  • Sandals


As per available information (as is reflected by the list presented below), Provogue India has a well defined salary structure in the offing for its employees at various stages of employment. Listed below are some of the details:

Annual Average Salaries at Provogue India based on Job Category

The details of the annual average pay packet based on the job category in Provogue India have been listed below. It can be roughly gauged that the company’s salary structure is duly based on factors like employee profile, the kind of responsibilities shouldered by him, the employment status enjoyed by him etc. Please have a look:

Job Category Annual Average Salaries
Trainee or Management Trainee INR 2 lakh – INR 4 lakh with an annual average salary of INR 2.5 lakh
Accounts Executive INR 2 lakh- INR 3 lakh with an annual average salary of INR 2.1 lakh
Marketing and Branding Executive INR 2.8 lakh- INR 3.1 lakh with an annual average salary of INR 2.1 lakh
Store Manager INR 1.6 lakh- INR 1.9 lakh
Floor Manager INR 1 lakh- INR 4.5 lakh with an annual average salary of INR 1.4 lakh
Senior Merchandiser INR 2.8 lakh- INR 3.1 lakh

Annual Average Salaries based on Experience

The work experience gained by the employees over the years at the concern is one of the crucial factors determining the average pay packet at the concern. Here is a detailed look at the distribution of salary ranges at the company, based on work experience of employers:

Experience Annual Average Salaries
Up to 1 year of experience INR 3.5 lakh
Up to 2 years of experience INR 5 lakh
Up to 4 years of experience INR 1.4 lakh


As per the prominent employee reviews the esteemed company presents the following benefits for its employees:

  • Ideal Management
  • Work Freedom
  • Recognition of work
  • Good Learning opportunities

*Salaries are subject to change with time and without prior notice.