“Radio jockey also known as RJ, is the one who is positioned on-air in radio broadcasting. His job is to perform as a host to the respective radio channels. This page provides all the possible information one would want to know about the salary Radio Jockey gets and what all is required to be a Radio Jockey.”

radio-jockey-salaryOne has to achieve expertise in order to work as a Radio Jockey. There are plenty of institutes in India that give opportunity to the aspirants to be an RJ. Some of Radio Jockey institutes providing certificate and diploma courses across India are: Center for Research in Art of Film and Television (CRAFT), New Delhi, Academy of Radio Management, New Delhi, Academy of broadcasting, Chandigarh, Media and Film Institute of India, Mumbai, Xaviers Institute of Communication (XIC), Mumbai, AJK Mass Communication Research Centre, New delhi.

Above mentioned institutes are one of the top most institutes in country ensuring quality knowledge and placements

Salary of beginner and experienced Radio Jockey

The demand of radio Jockey has increased in recent past and number of aspirants enrolled themselves to have their career as an RJ. Both beginner and experienced RJ have different salaries. The beginners are capable of taking Rs. 8,000 to Rs 20,000. After few years of experience salary can be raised up to Rs. 50,000 – Rs. 90,000. More the experience, more the earning !

At times many channels organize sponsored programs in which other companies pay the hosts on per show or hourly basis. RJs also get chance to work for Indian Diasporas on foreign radio as broadcasting on the net may provide extravagant pay package to professionals. One can easily earn upto 3,000 per hour.

Salary of RJ at glance:

Particulars Salary
Beginner Rs. 8 000 – Rs. 20 000 (per month)
Experienced Rs. 50 000 – Rs. 90 000 (per month)
Per Show Basis Rs. 2 500 – Rs. 3 000
Per Hour basis Rs. 2 500 – Rs. 3 000

Radio jockey is one of those professions which do not require much of degrees or high education, all it requires is talent and spontaneity and perseverance. There is so much of scope and quick growth in this profession. As a Radio Jockey you get contractual good money you as well as the money you earn by doing Ad commercials. Nevertheless, this profession gives you fame and wealth.