About RBS India

The Royal Bank of Scotland or RBS is a retail banking subsidiary of the Royal Bank of Scotland Group plc. RBS was established in 1727 and it provides a diversity of products and services in the segments of consumer banking, corporate banking, finance and insurance. RBS India has branches in New Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Gurgaon, and Chennai. The principal divisions of RBS India are Group Operations, M IB Technology, Technology Services, and Markets International Banking. RBS India offers young graduates and experienced professionals optimum opportunities to give a fillip to their careers and realise their full potential.

One looking to give a promising start to his or her career can find an entry level job in the departments of accounting finance, security fraud management, private banking wealth management, and risk compliance. The other departments where one can land a job are administration support, customer services, front office, claims underwriting, human resources, marketing and communications, information technology, investment management, operations infrastructure, people management and legal secretariat.

RBS offers a challenging and stimulating working atmosphere to all its employees and it is also an equal opportunity employer giving equal career development opportunities to women. A high proportion of the employees consider RBS as one of the best banking institutions to work in as the establishment considers its human resource pool as the most strategic component amongst all its inputs and resources. A majority of RBS employees have given good ratings to the bank as far as job satisfaction is concerned. RBS offers lucrative salaries for all designations starting from the entry level position to the HOD (head of department) level.

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Average Salaries at RBS India

Mean Salary in terms of Job Position

Job Designation Salary ( INR )
Software Designer 9 79 560
Business Analyst 368450
Software Engineer 797900
Analyst 599730
Senior Developer 1000000
Assistant Manager 1240000
Senior Software Designer 1430000
Project Manager 1709000
Officer 260344
Team Leader 1103000
Test Analyst 681670
Systems Analyst 831670
Financial Analyst 367596
Vice President 3048000

Average Salary in terms of Speciality

Specialty or Skill Average Salary ( INR )
Microsoft Excel 340 800
People Management 896 370
Operations Management 793 087
Microsoft Word 405 125
Microsoft Office 554 175
Project Management 896 365
Data Analysis 244100
Data Entry 249 038
Team Management 366 280
Microsoft Access 249 035

Average Salary by Years of Experience

Years of Experience Average Salary ( INR )
0-1 years 207 695
1-4 years 238 470
5-9 years 487 260
10-19 years 1190 500

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Average Salary According to City

City (State) Average Salary ( INR )
Chennai (Tamil Nadu) 301 170
New Delhi (Delhi) 239 750
Gurgaon (Haryana) 1000 000
Gurgaon (NCR) 1700 010
Delhi (NCR) 208 275
Mumbai (Maharashtra) 952 600
Chennai {(Madras) Tamil Nadu} 403762

State-wise Average Salary

State Average Salary ( INR )
Delhi 420 370
Haryana 1000 000
Maharashtra 822 300
Tamil Nadu 309 110

Average salary range in terms of Degree

Degree Average Salary ( INR )
Master of Business Administration (MBA) 149 550-1058 700
Master of Business Administration (Finance) 228 420-459 559
Bachelor's Degree (BA/BSc/B.Com) 167 370-1925 770

Average salary according to Industry

Industry Average Salary ( INR )
Banking 404 505
Mortgage Banking 1630 000
Investment Banking 318 010
IT and ITES Services 490 025

Average Salary in terms of Gender

As mentioned in the beginning, RBS is more than an equal opportunity employer. A typical female employee earns way above her male counterpart.

Gender Average Salary ( INR )
Female 507 833
Male 431 035

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Average Salary in terms of Perks

Perk/Perquisite Average Salary ( INR )
Paid for Vacation 351 885
Paid Sick Leave 404 804
Education/Training/Certification Reimbursements 411 553
Life Insurance/Disability Cover 414 832
Private Medical Insurance 404 660
Supplementary Paternity/Maternity Leave 501 260