Reliance Industries is the country’s largest publicly traded firm. It functions in three main segments – petrochemicals, refining and oil, and gas. Additionally, it has also set its foot in the retail, textile and telecommunication sectors. The company has been rated as the 99th largest in the world, according to the Fortune Global 500 list.
There are many several industries under this group, each with varying levels of employment. Salaries vary accordingly but are fairly placed in the current market. According to reports, Reliance Industries pays its employees 12 percent above the current market standards, making it one of the better paying companies in the country. The salaries mentioned below are all annual and median salary.

Salary in Reliance Industries by Experience

At reliance, your experience is valued. Here are the details of the salary based on the vintage.

Years of experience Median Salary (In lacs per annum.)
Less than 1 year 2.93
1-4 years 3.67
5-9 years 3.82
41566 7.92
20 years or more 10.25

Salary in Reliance Industries by City

The salary paid in each city is different depending upon the cost of living and operational business costs. The salary scale at Reliance Industries varies in order to meet these demographic differences.

Location Salary (in lacs per annum)
Mumbai( Bombay) Maharashtra 5.9 – 10.75
New Delhi Delhi 3.17 – 5.67
Jamnagar Gujarat 4.61
Bangalore Karnataka 2.66
Surat Gujarat 5.88

Besides these cities, there are postings available in various towns and cities in different states. Here is the salary scale with respect to the state of posting depending upon the cost of living in that area.

State Median Salary (in Lakhs per annum)
Maharashtra 7.01
Gujarat 5.2
Delhi 4.16
Karnataka 2.97
Tamil Nadu 2.98
Andhra Pradesh 4.28
Madhya Pradesh 3.6

Salary in Reliance Industries as per Skills

Because of the diversity of sectors that Reliance functions in, there are a number of skill sets required. These skills vary in terms of difficulty and nature and hence, have a varied pay scale.

Skill/Specialty Median Salary (In Lakhs per annum)
Microsoft Office 5.35
Microsoft Excel 4.94
Microsoft Word 5.79
Project Management 8.28
Windows 3.x 95/98/Me 2000 or XP – General Use 5.55
Marketing Management 4
Distributed Control Systems (DCS) 5 34
Operations Management 9.15
SAP R3 5.84
Sales 2.5

Salary based on Industry

Various industries have different demands and business modules. Depending on the trends in a particular industry, the pay scale and job responsibilities are segregated as follows

Industry Median Salary( In lacs per annum)
Petrochemicals and Petroleum Products 5.8
Telecommunications 4.18
Financial Services 4.06
Retail 4.85
Electric Power Distribution 3.55
Mutual Fund Administration 5.5
Oil and Gas Exploration 5.7

Salary paid by Qualification

Different areas of qualification result in different posts. These posts vary in terms of responsibility, risk and experience. Therefore, there is a set salary scale based on your degrees and certificates.

Qualification Median Salary (In lacs per annum)
Chartered Accountant (CA) 9.91
Human Resources Concepts 1.8
Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) 9
Certified Financial Planner (CFP) 2.62
Certified Professional Engineer (PE) 6.81
Master Business Continuity Planner (MBCP) 15.66
Business Certificate 18.4
Master Reading Teacher (MRT) Certificate 4.08
B.Com 1.98
Project Management Certificate 5.38

All employees are provided with necessary training to scale up in their career chart. Medical benefits are available for the employees as well. Reliance Industries provides bonuses to employees based on their experience. The bonus amount depends entirely upon the nature of your job and the responsibilities associated with it. Employees get 21 to 28 days leave annually depending upon their seniority and posting. Reliance provides a very competitive work atmosphere with many opportunities to grow. You also get quite a cordial and value-based environment to work in.