Reporting, be it for newspaper, new channels or online media is a thoroughly challenging job and most of the industries where the reporters are hired have made it sure that the labor and the value addition rendered by reporters are amply rewarded by means of decent pay packets for them:


Here is a look at the ideally well rounded pay packets for reporters, as per their job categories. The salaries meant for each of the categories vary as per the reporter’s work experience, the job responsibilities, gender etc. Please have a look at the lists presented below:

Job Category Annual Average Salaries
Newspaper Reporter INR 276000 – INR 500505
News Analyst Reporter INR 237700 – INR 734896
News Reporter INR 130195 – INR 1317777

Annual Average Salaries based on Experience

The annual average salaries of reporters belonging to different fields head consistently northwards with growing experience at the concern, as is amply proved by the list below:-

Job Category Experience Annual Average Salaries
News Reporter 1-4 years INR 178486 – INR 294791
5-9 years INR 198000 – INR 1180000
News Analyst Reporter or correspondent 1-4 years INR 240000 – INR 344348
5-9 years INR 384000 – INR 720000

Annual average salaries of news reporters or correspondents based on gender:

Here is a glimpse of the annual average pay packets pocketed by male and female reporters in our country:

Gender Annual Average Salaries
Female INR 344348 – INR 748800
Male INR 233306 – INR 416467

Salary of news reporters or correspondents in popular industries

Needless to mention, that reporters in our country are highly in demand in key industries like Publishing, Media, Internet and Newspaper publishing etc. The annual average salaries vary as per the job responsibilities, working hours and demand of reporters in each of these industries. Have a look:-

Industries Annual Average Salaries
Publishing INR 167573 – INR 722997
Newspaper Publisher INR 182439 – INR 865003
Internet Publishing INR 180119 – INR 881355
Media Network INR 188579 – INR 869795

Here is a list of pay packets earned by reporters in some of the most popular establishments of our country:

Day and Night News Channel (Reporter- Contractor) INR 308000- INR 336000
Times Group INR 336000- INR 365000
Network 18 (Senior Reporter) INR 436000- INR 467000
N9 news channel INR 93000- INR 100000
Agilent Technologies (BI Reporting Specialist) INR 430000- INR 464000
Aditya Birla Minacs (Reports Analyst) INR 174000- INR 314000 with an annual average of INR 243746
Raj Group of Industries INR 132000- INR 156000
The Shillong Times INR 288000- INR 312000
Accenture (Lead Reporting) INR 576000-INR 624000
Lemon News Around INR 120000 per year
Hindusthan Samachar INR 92760- INR 99312
Hindustan Times INR 168000- INR 192000
Sony pictures INR 57612- INR 61992

Benefits and Perks

Here is a brief list of the well rounded package of benefits and perks for reporters:

Job Category Benefits and Perks
Paid Holidays or vacations INR 223500 – INR 420000
Paid Sick Leave INR 216142 – INR 420000

*Salaries and benefits are subject to change with time.
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