Research companies need high investment because huge amount of finances are spent on R&D. Once the products are made, they are well tested, go through an international certification and then are marketed for the end user consumption. The salary offered by these research companies for various departments along with the job function in each vertical is given below.

Engineering Design, R&D

The engineering design and R&D form the backbone of the research companies. New products are designed and manufactured by this department. Each new product development goes through a series of experiments till the final product is made as per the approved norms and specifications. The average salary of various job functions under this department is given below.

Job Function Average Experience in Years Average Salary in INR Lacs per Annum
Analytical Chemistry Scientist 4.8 3
Analytical Research Scientist 3.1 2.4
Research Scientist 5.2 3.8
Clinical Research Scientist 3 2.5
Chemical Research Scientist 4.7 3
Formulation Scientist 4.6 3.2
Bio Pharma Informatics Scientist 3.8 2.4
Analytical Chemistry Manager 10.5 6.5
Clinical Research Manager 6.8 7.5
Chemical Research Manager 10.9 9.2
Bio Technical Research Manager 8.1 6.5
Bio Statistician 3.8 3.6
Design Engineer 4.2 2.8
Project Lead 9.4 7
R&D Executive 5.2 3
Sr.Design Engineer 7.9 5.5
Research Associate R&D 3 2.7
Head VP GM R&D 22.8 26
QA QC Executive 1.3 1.5

Sales, Retail, Business Development

Once the products are made, they are now marketed and distributed for consumption. This activity is carried out by the Sales, Retail and Business Development. The entire channel of distributors, dealers and retailers are established for effective and uninterrupted distribution of the products in the market. Various job functions along with their average salary are given below.

Job Function Average Experience in Years Average Salary in INR Lacs per Annum
Sales Manager – Retail 9.4 4.7
Corporate Sales Manager 9.1 4.9
Regional Manager 12.8 6
Sales Executive – Retail 4.7 2.6
Sales Promotion Manager- Retail 9.7 4.1
Sales Manager – Institutional 8.6 4.8
Sales Executive – Corporate 4.3 2.8
Head VP GM National Manager 18.9 16
Sales Executive – Institutional 8.6 4.8
Regional Manager – Corporate 12.3 6.5
Institutional Sales Manager 9.5 5.8
Branch Manager 9.8 4.2
Counter Sales 3.8 1.6
Front Desk Cashier Billing 5.2 2.5

Research Companies are highly technical in their operations and require qualified and specialized persons on their pay roll. Manpower retention is very important in this industry as a lot of money is spent on training the employees so that they remain updated with the latest technology. Looking at the scarcity of human resource, these companies are very employee centric.