Siemens is a globally renowned German electronics and engineering multinational corporation with head-offices in Berlin and Munich. Siemens AG is Europe’s biggest electrical and electronics engineering corporation. The company’s core competency areas lie in the segments of healthcare, transportation, energy and industry. It also offers products and services for communications systems, medical technology, railroad systems, power generation, and water and sewerage treatment systems, project engineering and so on. Siemens along with its holding companies employs around 3, 60,000 people and have overseas operations in about 190 countries.

Siemens (India)

Siemens commenced operations in India in 1867 with the inauguration of the telegraphic line between Calcutta (now Kolkata) and London by its founder Werner Von Siemens. Siemens has been a strategic partner in India’s sustainable growth and development in the industrial and commercial segments of energy, healthcare, consumer products, automation, financial solutions, infrastructure, electrical engineering, electronics engineering, and so on. The average annual turnover of the company is approximately 12,000 crores. The sales and service network of Siemens (India) is spread throughout the length and breadth of the country. There are about 19,000 men and women employed in the different offices and manufacturing sites of the company.

Siemens (India) earned gross revenues of 1, 27, 080 million in 2011. It has 23 manufacturing sites or factories, 56 sales outlets, 11 R& D centres, and 12 affiliate companies. Some of the prominent subsidiaries or holding companies of Siemens (India) are Osram India Pvt. Ltd., Siemens Technologies & Services Pvt. Ltd., Siemens Financial Services Pvt. Ltd, and Siemens Industry Software Pvt. Ltd, Osram Automotive Lamps Pvt. Ltd, Siemens Nixdorf India Pvt. Ltd., and Siemens Convergence Creators Pvt. Ltd.

A Career in Siemens India

Siemens since it started operations in India has been relentlessly endeavouring to provide a better future to its employees and its business associates and partners. The work environment in Siemens will inculcate you to perform at your peak as the company has been at the helm in pioneering the development of avant-garde solutions that has contributed to the stepping up of industrial productivity. In your passionate search to look for effective solutions, you’ll help chisel a career for yourself that’ll truly be global in spirit.

Graduates in mechanical, industrial or electrical engineering, physics, computer science, economics, and business informatics are encouraged to apply in tune with the company’s commercial activities. However arts and humanities graduates can also apply for numerous job positions.

Salaries in Siemens India

When you become a member of the Siemen’s workforce, you’ll be entitled to an array of benefits including LTA, CCA, festival bonus, insurance coverage, gratuity, PF, and superannuation funds apart from your basic salary. Employees of Siemens receive a salary that is 17% above the industry norms and much more than their counterparts in other similar companies like ABB, Infosys, and Accenture.

Salaries According to Job Designation

Job Designation Average Salary Range(INR)
Automation Engineer 99386-1146170
Customer Support Engineer 145435-615035
Business Development Manager 365870-2250770
Design Engineer 371007-1442270
Systems Engineer (IT) 233410-638800
Electrical Engineer 218898-1157799
Information Technology Consultant 404786-1242114
Senior Software Programmer 384265-1319079
Executive Administrator 165746-663283
Marketing Communications Manager 400147-1803737
Lead Software Development Engineer 553520-1552800
Project Engineer 175300-592630
SAP Consultant 307745-913350
Project Manager (Engineering) 598778-2708676
Senior Mechanical Engineer 259089-1147367
Senior Software Engineer 409548-1043020
Senior Project Engineer 520426-1556229
Senior Systems Engineer 326173-730027
Software Architect 761267-2927077
Senior Test Engineer 366381-796025
Software Engineer 178978-794527
Software Consultant 495630-1463985
Software Tester 273710-1161176

Salaries According to Years of Experience

Years of Experience Average Salary (INR)
0-1 years 335547
1-4 years 413018
5-9 years 673970
10-19 years 1091276
20 years- 1228608

Citywise Salaries

City (State) Average Salary ( INR )
Bangalore (Karnataka) 653525
Chennai (Tamil Nadu) 443170
Gurgaon (Haryana) 651100
Greater Mumbai (Maharashtra) 517700
Mumbai City (Maharashtra) 492720
Pune (Maharashtra) 606368
Kolkata (West Bengal) 613219

Salaries According to Industry

Industry Average Salary ( INR )
IT and ITES (IT enabled services) 570935
HealthCare 554398
Medical Technology 596900
Electrical and Electronics Engineering 577477
Electric Power Distribution 722210
Energy (Utilities) 700820
Distributed Control Systems Services 599160

Salaries According to Gender

Gender Average Salary ( INR )
Male 608678
Female NA (Not Available)

*Salaries are subject to change with time

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