Most of us begin to dream of being something and do something big, while still in school, and we have all kinds of careers in our minds. Some want to be doctors, others engineers, while some actors; and these dreams lay the foundation of our higher studies, throughout which we plan a career in our desired area. But in the middle of all these plethora of dreams and educational courses, there is one area which epitomizes pride, self respect and honor in a person, and this is an army career.
The greatest advantage of this area is that students from any background, educational or otherwise, can aspire for these jobs, and right after finishing ones schooling can apply to be an army officer. With complete training, learning and discipline, the defense turns young innocent students into robust, strong and developed army personnel. These jobs have their own recognition and reputation, along with the perks and benefits that government offers. A whole new and exciting world welcomes you in army, where you can shape an amazing career for yourself.

Why an army job!!!

One of the most important things that a person aspires in an attractive job is money, and in monetary terms, no doubt the corporate sector offers way more than what an army job can offer. But a career is something more, beyond money, and an army job is the best example of this phrase. Look at some reasons why an army job will always have an upper hand over corporate jobs:

  • Satisfaction
  • Security
  • Promotion
  • Financial Stability
  • Future Stability
  • Social Respect and Status
  • Travel, Adventure, and Variety
  • Many other perks

Salary and Jobs in Army:

Like every other profession, defense too has its codes of conduct and rules. Depending on a persons efficiency, strength and dedication, one can easily climb up the hierarchical ladder of the army jobs. With time and your own talent, you can work towards your promotion, and along with it, climb up the ladder of financial growth as well. Army follows a strict pattern of salary divisions and promotions, take a look:

Lieutenant Rs 8250 – Rs 10050 pm
Captain Rs 9600 – Rs 11400 pm
Major Rs 11600 – Rs 14850 pm
Lt Colonel Rs 13500 – Rs 17100 pm
Colonel Rs 15100 – Rs 17350 pm
Brigadier Rs 16700 – Rs 18050 pm
Major General Rs 18400 – Rs 22400 pm
Lt. General Rs 22400 – Rs 24500 pm
Vice Chief of Army Staff Rs 26000 pm
Chief of Army Staff Rs 30000 pm
Trainee's Stipend Rs 8000 pm

Other Allowances and Perks in Army Jobs:

The salary package might not be what the corporate sector can offer a person, but this is not the only amount that army offers you. It takes care of all the basic requirements of an individual and his family and hence many other benefits and expenses are offered to an army person. Take a look:

  • Additional Grade Pay
  • Military Service pay
  • Kit Maintenance Allowance
  • Transport Allowance
  • Outfit Allowance
  • Paid Leaves
  • Travel Concessions for Entire Families
  • Furnished Accommodation
  • Life Long Pension
  • Qualification Grants
  • Medical Concessions
  • Canteen Facilities for Subsided Purchase
  • Health and Life Insurance
  • Very Low Interest Loans
  • Foreign Postings

Besides all these, many facilities are offered and extended post retirement as well; where else can you experience such security and stability of mind, career and money, along with the social affluence that the job brings. So join the splendid army jobs, and experience an aura and respect that only few professional environments can offer these days.