Ashok Leyland Salary in India

About Ashok Leyland

One of India's largest commercial vehicle manufacturers, Ashok Leyland has been sincerely committed to its service of transporting Indian goods and its people.

Their products range from long haul trucks to large luxury buses.

The company has also made significant contribution by providing solutions to armed forces and power solutions under the name Leypower.

Here is how Ashok Leyland pays its employees:

Jobs Salary Range ( INR )(annual)
Design engineer INR 350,000- INR 600,000 (with an average annual salary of INR 500,000
Senior Officer INR 561,000-INR 628,000 (with an average annual salary of INR 594,620)
Deputy Manager INR 500,000-INR 825,000 (with an average annual salary of INR 676,222)
Ex Trainee or Deputy manager INR 570,000-INR 860,000 (with an average annual salary of INR 687,500)
Service Engineer INR 115,000-INR 126,000
Manager INR 760,000-INR 1,240,000 (with an average annual salary of INR 975,000)
Human Resources Manager INR 574,000-INR 626,000
Senior Manager INR 1,440,000 -INR 1,710,000 (with an average annual salary of INR 1,570,000)
Vehicle Integration Manager INR 876,000 -INR 953,000

The Deputy Managers are entitled to cash bonuses whereas the managers get cash bonuses, shares on profit and tips

Know the Salary Manager in India

Let us have a glimpse of the salaries of the Accounts professionals at Ashok Leyland. Here is a brief list of their average salaries:

Jobs Salary Range ( INR )(annual)
Accounts Executive/Accountant INR 1,00,000- INR 421,000 (with an average annual salary of INR 1,83,000)
Book Keeper or Accounts Assistant INR 1,05,000- INR 2,44,000 (with an average annual salary of INR 1,24,000)
Accounts Services Executive INR 1,04,000- INR 2,200,000 (with an average annual salary of INR 1,12,000)

Ashok Leyland salaries based on cities

City Job category Annual Average Salary in INR(annual)
Hosur Trainee engineer (graduate) INR 310,000
  Executive INR 240,000
Ahmedabad Customer Support (Engineer) INR 80,000
Hosur Trainee engineer (graduate) INR 310,000
  Executive INR 240,000
Chennai Manager INR 80,000
  Trainee Engineer (graduate) INR 3,10,000
Lucknow Trainee Engineer (graduate) INR 400,000
Bangalore Executive INR 500,000

Considering all the cities in India, the pay structures in Ashok Leyland stand something like this:

Trainee Engineer (Graduate) INR 350,000 (Average annual salary)
Customer Support Engineer INR 80,000 (Average annual salary)
Executive INR 3,70,000 (Average annual salary)

More on Ashok Leyland Salaries:

  • Machining Supervisor- INR 476,000 - INR 522,000
  • Manager (Chennai) - INR 760,000 - INR 1,240,000 (average - INR 1,010,000)
  • Senior Manager (Chennai) - INR 1,430,000 - INR 1,700,000 (average - INR 1,570,000 )
  • Design Engineer (Chennai) - INR 338,000 - INR 620,000 (average - INR 479,134)
  • Deputy Manager (Chennai) - INR 700,000 - INR 825,000 (average - INR 758,333)
  • Senior Officer (Pantnagar) - INR 558,000 - INR 626,000 (average - INR 592, 040)
  • Deputy Manager (Hosur) - INR 476,000 - INR 745,000 (average - INR 610,438)

Please take note that the information regarding the various salaries at Ashok Leyland has been sourced from various sites. These are subject to change with time and without any prior notice. Please also remember that the aforementioned designations may have different levels with different salaries.

Last Updated: 26/12/2014