HDFC Manager Salary in India

Incorporated in 1994, HDFC has become one of the most reliable financial institutions in India over the years. Spanning across 1399 Indian cities and towns, HDFC has 10,079 AMS and 2544 branches at present.

Salary Range of HDFC's Employees:

Job Category Average or Median Salary
Accounts Manager INR 140,000
Assistant Manager INR 180,000- INR 500,000 (Average annual salary INR 319,094)
Personal Banker INR 180,000- INR 436,000 (Average annual salary INR 323,399)
Sales Executive INR 115,000- INR 260,000 (Average annual salary INR 187,572)
Area Credit Manager INR 580,000
Relationship Manager INR 360,000- INR 1,000,000 (Average annual salary INR 619,286)
Product Manager INR 105,000- INR 695,000 (Average annual salary INR 399,978)
Senior Manager INR 650,000- INR 1,300,000 (Average annual salary INR 975,000)
Area Business Head 950,000
Manager INR 250,000- INR 1,000,000 (Average annual salary INR 612,615)
Deputy Manager INR 300,000- INR 700,000 (Average annual salary INR 462,812)

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HDFC Salaries Based on Cities in India:

Salary in HDFC across cities are as follow
Job Category Cities Salary Range or Average Salary ( INR )
Manager Delhi 5,00,000 - 950,000 (average- 747,000)
  Mumbai 400,000 - 950,000 (average- 626,000)
  Kolkata 550,000
  Chennai 700,000 - 800,000 (average 750,000)
Junior Officer Delhi 120,000- 200,000 (1,57,000)
  Mumbai 105,000- 130,000 (average 538,000)
  Kolkata 100,000
  Chennai 150,000- 225,000 (average 188,000)
  Hyderabad 105,000 - 150,000 (average 128,000)
Senior branch Manager Delhi 170,000
Customer care (support) Delhi 120,000
Customer care (executive) Delhi 110,000
  Chennai 95,000 (Customer Care Voice Process)
Operations Manager Delhi 500,000
  Chennai 325,000
  Hyderabad 750,000 - 800,000 ( average 775,000) (Branch Operations Manager)
Advisor - Private Banking Delhi 650,000
Personal Banker (Retail Banking) Delhi 500,000
Senior Manager Delhi 1,000,000
  Mumbai 700,000 -1,780,000 (average 1,101,000)
  Kolkata 1,395,000
  Chennai 1,000,000 (Employee HR Services)
Assistant VP Delhi 1,450,000 (Sales-retail)
  Kolkata 1,500,000
  Chennai 1,500,000
Investment Officer Delhi 200,000

Salary of HDFC Accounts Department:

  • Auditing/Accounting Clerk- INR 100,000- INR 340,000 (with an average of INR 141,000 annually
  • Account services Executive- INR 100,000- INR 500,000 (with an average of INR 155,000 annually)
  • Accountant- INR 100,000- INR 500,000 (with an average of INR 178,000 annually)

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HDFC- Products and Services- In Brief

Accounts and Deposits: Savings Accounts, Current Accounts, Salary Accounts, Demat, Rural Accounts, Lockers
Cards: Debit Card, Prepaid Cards, Credit Cards, Credit Cards Rewards Program
Loans: Personal Loans, Education Loans, Home Loans, Car Loans, Rural Loans, Two-wheeler loans, loans against assets, Business loans etc

  • Forex
  • Health Insurance, Home Insurance, Travel insurance, Life Insurance Motor Insurance etc
  • Private Banking
  • Premium Banking

You must have got a fair idea of how HDFC pays its managers, and officers at different levels from the above mentioned lists. Please take note that employees are entitled to various benefits like bonus, tips etc. Here is a list of benefits enjoyed by them:

  • Assistant Manager - Stock Bonus, Cash Bonus
  • Personal Banker - Cash Bonus
  • Relationship Manager- cash Bonus
  • Product Manager- Cash Bonus
  • Senior Manager- Commissions on sales, Cash bonus
  • Manager- Commissions, Bonus, Tips
  • Deputy Manager- Cash bonus, profit sharing, stock bonus, commission on sales, tips

The salaries are subject to change without notice. They may also differ according to different levels of the same profile.

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