India’s third largest cellular services operator, Idea Cellular boasts of a subscriber base of more than 117 million, with its 2G and 3G services spanning over around 3,000 towns.

The company has a many accomplishments to its credit. Some of them are mentioned below:

It was honored with “The Emerging Company of the Year” award by The Economic Times Corporate Excellence Awards 2009
It made a mark at the World Communication Awards 2011 by bagging the Best Brand Campaign honors
It has won several awards at the ET Telecom Awards 2012.

Let us know more about Idea Cellular by learning how an individual working there can earn:

Just test table
Job Category Average Salary
Senior Engineer INR 342000 – INR 416000 (INR 379176 average salary)
Senior Manager INR 1360000- INR 1680000 (INR 1.52 m average salary)
Assistant Manager INR 300000- INR 1010000 (INR 653750 average salary)
Manager INR 600000-INR 1350000
Accountant INR 150000- INR 510000 (INR 279000 average annual salary)
Senior Sales Executive INR 21000- INR 23000 (on a monthly basis)
General Manager INR 347000 – INR 388000 (INR 376000 average salary)
Intern (Undergraduate) INR 9646- INR 10000 (on a monthly basis)
Account Services INR 100000-INR 280000 (INR 160000 average annual salary)
Auditing Clerk INR 120000- INR 220000 (INR 120000 average annual salary)

Some more information regarding Idea Cellular Salaries:

  • Customer care executive: INR 200000 average annual salary
  • Area Manager: INR 680000 average annual salary
  • Area Sales Manager: INR 600000 average annual salary
  • Territory Sales Executives (Calicut) – INR 150000 average salary
  • Asides from these salaries the employees are also entitled to other benefits like bonus, profit shares etc.
  • Assistant Manager is entitled to bonus and profit sharing as well.
  • Manager is entitled to commissions on sales asides from other pay.

Here is a list of salaries based on the latest job posts by Idea Cellular

  • Bank Office Staff – INR 80,000- INR 100,000
  • Marketing Staff – INR 70,000- INR 100,000
  • Quality Analyst – INR 100,000 – INR 380,000 lacs
  • Senior Executive/Assistant Manager (Taxation) – INR 350,000 – INR 550,000 per annum
  • Tele callers (Postpaid) – INR 6,000 – INR 8,000 and other incentives as well
  • TL’s and DST’s-INR 8,000 – INR 15,000

Here is a glimpse of Idea Cellular Salaries in Mumbai

Just test table
Job Category Degree
General Manager INR 3470000 – INR 3870000 (average annual salary INR 3670000)
Senior Manager INR 1350000 – INR 1660000 (average annual salary INR 1510000)
Manager INR 964000 -INR 1260000 (average annual salary INR 1110000)

Please take note that information regarding these salaries are taken from various sources including the recent job posts by Idea Cellular. These are subject to change with time and without notice. Salaries may differ with different cities as well. Additionally the same profiles are likely to have different levels with different salaries. Do look up the net and other sources to find out about other benefits and facilities provided by the company!