Twitter is one of the newest, and fast progressing social networking services, through which users can share their ideas, connect with people at global level and write about their experiences, through “tweets”, a small post of up to 140 characters. Twitter has brought a wonderful response in the world of social networking. Not only common people, but one can also connect with the politicos, movie stars and social activists through this site. was introduced by Jack Dorsey in 2006, and in today’s date it has 500 million users around the world. The headquarters for the operational unit is established in San Francisco, US, with many other branches in other parts of US, and is known as Twitter, Inc. The establishment offers a lot of job opportunities as well, and is open to many profiles, including, engineering, designing, support, global business, sales, legal and many others.

Jobs and benefits at

Working with twitter, opens up a very fascinating and enthusiastic environment for a person, who is socially, technologically, and creatively active. What you do here is directly in front of millions of people around the world, where else can you get such a wide feedback for your creative output. Twitter runs its organization with the help of more than 500 employees, in its various branches.
Few popular openings in are:

  • Product Marketing Manager
  • Group Product Manager
  • Advertising Market Analyst
  • Automation Engineer
  • Manager, Public Policy
  • Sales Packaging Manager
  • Research Lead, Ad Sales
  • Director of Operations and SRE

These jobs offer brilliant salary packages to the employees, and a highly enjoyable and friendly work environment. But the best point of the establishment is that it offers various other benefits and perks to the employees. Take a look:

  • A lot of medical and dental benefits have been introduced for the employees.
  • Amazing vacation policies are also a part of benefit schemes.
  • The San Francisco office offers lunch and breakfast facilities too.
  • They have an amazing 401(k) savings plan for their employees.
  • For female employees, they offer paid maternity leaves.
  • They offer a unique gym membership reimbursement scheme as well.
  • For recreational purposes, weekly yoga and Pilates classes are organized in office.
  • They offer commuting facilities too.
  • It is probably the only establishment offering laundry and dry cleaning facilities.
  • They offer many discount facilities to its employees, like Zipcar and Wireless discounts.

Salary at

Software Engineer $ 100 000 – $ 140 000
Systems Software Engineer $ 110 000 – $ 140 000
Software Engineer Research $ 110 000 – $ 125 000
Product Designer $ 81 000 – $ 115 000
Business Analyst $ 60 000 – $ 80 000
Business Product Manager $ 135 000 – $ 146 000
Staff Engineer Monetization $ 133 000 – $ 143 000

Twitter Hourly Pay:

Software Engineer Intern: $ 42 – $ 45

Interview Criterion for jobs in

Considering the popularity and benchmark that the establishment has set for itself, it cannot take any risk with the quality of employees it hires. And therefore, they follow a very interesting and strict pattern of recruiting its employees, which an interested aspirant must go through in order to be a part of the group. Have a look.

  • The first round would be a telephonic interview where your introduction and communication skills would be tested.
  • The second round would be a skills test, which would be checked on the basis of your performance in a written test.
  • The third round would be a technical round, in order to analyze your technical abilities, as it is very important for a web based employer.
  • The fourth round would be a group discussion round in case you are applying for a social media marketer or business and sales manager profile, through which your confidence, outspokenness and convincing abilities would be analyzed.