An aeronautical engineer has to primarily deal with aircrafts with his roles ranging from conduction of test runs, overseeing research and development, design, maintenance and manufacturing military and civil aircrafts. Space and satellite vehicles, missiles and impacts of air travel are some of the other areas they look into. They are constantly exploring and availing new software and technologies to develop, create and design helicopters, jetliners, and passenger aircrafts.
Other functions of an Aeronautical Engineer include:

  • Investigation of aircraft crashes
  • Modification of components
  • Working on time, budget and other aspects of aircraft designs
  • Development of repair methods
  • Airframes supervision-
  • Designing Combat jets for military purposes.
  • Data Analysis for aircraft development
  • Working on logistics of missile launch

Here’s how an aeronautical engineer can earn based on experience, gender, industry, degree and cities

Aeronautical Engineers in India: Salaries by Experience

Category Experience Salary ( Rs )
Aeronautical engineers Less than a year 199,300 – 1,200,000
1-4 years 121,641 – 1,315,100
5-9 years 141,499 – 976,670
Aerospace engineers (MS) 1-4 years 438,000
5-9 years 1,194,204
10-19 years 1,516,956

Aeronautical Engineers in India: Salaries by Gender

Category Gender Salary ( Rs )
Aeronautical engineers Male 258,000 – Rs 1,213,564
Aerospace engineers (MS) Male 488,335 – Rs 1,512,100%

Aeronautical Engineers in India: Salaries by Industries

Category Industry Salary ( Rs )
Aeronautical engineers Corporate Flight 200,782 – 2,028,729
Commercial Airline 210,956 – 2,289,668
Engineering Purposes 228,414 – 1,592,738
Aerospace/Aeronautics 216,783 – 1,687,451
Military, space, commercial aircraft 215,352 – 1,753,033

Aeronautical Engineers in India: Salaries by degree

Category Degree Salary ( Rs )
Aeronautical engineers Bachelors degree 277,794 – Rs 1,179,162

Aeronautical Engineers in India: Salaries by Cities

Category Cities Salary ( Rs )
Aeronautical engineers Chennai 300,000 – 1,200,000
Mumbai 120,805 – 2,534,186
Bengaluru 72,129 – 1,292,772
Aerospace engineers (MS) Bengaluru 72,129 – 1,292,772
Please take note that an Aerospace Engineer (MS) who has passed out from the very famous IIT Kharagpur can earn at around INR 1,244,858 – INR 1,516,956.
An aeronautical engineer can earn up to around INR 141,171 – INR 1,660,562 with bonus, profit sharing and commission included.
Let’s concentrate on some other aspects of the career as an Aeronautical Engineer:

Required Education

One needs to have a bachelors degree in aeronautical engineering or aerospace in order to become an aeronautical engineer. It is preferable if one has sufficient exposure to introductory lab test engineering as most of the programs in this field demand this.
Aerodynamics is the field which is generally covered in the initial courses. It generally includes topics like cockpits and airplane bodies. Lab and design courses are generally taken care of in the later years.
A licensed professional engineer needs a college degree and at least four years of work experience.
The title of engineer in training (EIT) can be earned by graduates after their first examination.

Scope of Aeronautical Engineering in India

India today has cemented its place among the leading nations in satellite technology. Indian giants like IAF (Indian Air Force) and ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization) are acclaimed internationally owing to their contribution to the field of Aeronautics and aviation. The air connectivity through India is increasing with each passing day and the requirement for qualified technical individuals is growing proportionately.
One who is pursuing Aeronautical Engineering has good chances of being absorbed by Civil Aviation Department, ISRO, Defense Ministry and DRDO etc.


To etch out a career in the Aeronautical engineering field you need to have other qualities like strong sense of responsibility and ability to work in a team asides from your degrees.