Does Indian society recognize the importance of social workers? A country with hundreds of socioeconomic complexities and paradoxes needs a large number of social workers to attend and solve the problems thereby maintaining the social equilibrium. Unfortunately we do not have a system recognizing the importance of professional social workers.

Areas of Social Worker Involvement: The work of Social workers in India are concentrated in the following major areas:

  • Women and Child Welfare
  • Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribes Welfare
  • Rehabilitation of Orphans and Destitute
  • Rehabilitation and welfare of Drug Abused
  • Educating the Underprivileged/street children
  • Care of orphaned patients and insane
  • Rescue and Rehabilitation of Sexually Exploited
  • Rescue of Child Labourers
  • Human Rights Activists
  • Welfare of Convicted Prisoners
  • Rural Employment and Poverty Reduction Activities

A still developing society, the above activities are extremely important for India. Social workers often take up their career out of philanthropic and humanitarian motives rather than career prospects in this area. Unlike in the western economies where social workers have strong attachment with government and non government organizations, in India social workers have to struggle for several years to earn recognition when their good work is noticed and projected through media and they get recognized by government organs. During these years they have to go through many struggles, like threat by vested interest groups, inadequate means of livelihood, etc.

There are many charitable institutions started by individuals and trusts where social workers get employment but the remuneration paid are often not good. International organization pay lucrative salaries and other allowances to social workers. Such organizations are:-

  • United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)
  • UNEP
  • Hope Foundation
  • Child Relief and You (CRY)
  • World Vision India


Some high paying jobs from the above organizations that frequently occur are as follows:

  1. Project Head
  2. Interns for various programmes
  3. Project Officer
  4. Technical Consultant
  5. Gender Responsive Budgeting Consultant
  6. Skill Development Consultant
  7. Livelihood Coordinator
  8. Project Coordinator
  9. Water, Sanitation, Hygiene Specialist
  10. Health Officer
  11. Nutrition Specialist
  12. Health Specialist
  13. Partnership Officer
  14. Communication Development Specialist
  15. Operations Officer

Salary of Social Worker mainly depends on the organization in which they are working. Their salary is different in government and non government sector. Most of the organizations who recruit the social worker are NGOs. The Social workers are less concerned with the higher packages. They only have remuneration concerned for subsistence level. They work on humanitarian grounds and pay more value to equality, worth and dignity of the people. Some salary ranges people get are given in the table:

Job Title Pay Range
Patient Counselor Rs.16600-28500
Project Coordinator-CSR Rs.20500-45800
Social Worker Rs.18000-25000
Junior Social Worker Rs.12000-16500
Coordinator-Community Impact Rs.30000 – 45000
Project Coordinator-Skill Development Rs.28000-38000
Assistant Manager- Institutional Partnership Rs.36000-45800
Compliance Officer Rs.35000-41600
Fund Raising Executive Rs.20000-33000
CSR Manager Rs.40000-75000
School Counselor Rs.17550-24000
Social Counselor Rs.16000-22000
Family Counselor Rs.11500-14500
Hygiene Counselor Rs.8000-12500
Community Welfare Worker Rs.9000-13500
Training and Knowledge Consultant Rs.35000-41600
Knowledge and Impact Associate Rs.28900-38500
Data and Impact Associate Rs.22000-30000
Communication Associate Rs.20000-32000
Director Rs.75000-120,000
National Coordinator Rs.50000-65000
Child Safety Specialist Rs.28000-38000
Training and Impact Associate Rs.20000-32000
Program Associate – Preventions Rs.24500-31800


Social worker are able to start their career with Rs 4,000 to Rs 5,000 per month. The type of organization also becomes one of the factor and their salary varies according to the company they are working for. Teaching profession pays little more to social worker, as it requires more understanding and skills to impact the mindset of the people.

Social workers working on government project with NGOs which provides them salary more than the subsistence level. Since, they are employing them on project basis which leads them to draw higher salary. They are liable to get Rs 8,000 to Rs 10,000 per month.

Salary of Social worker in different particular

Particular Salary per month
Fresher Rs 4 000 to Rs 5 000
Start-up in Teaching Rs 7 000 to Rs 8 000
Government Project Rs 8 000 to Rs 10 000

Social Workers do not always get paid less. They are also being paid enough salary in corporate sector similar to postgraduate. Their salary bands are also similar to MA degree holder in average company. There are many social workers which are famous today and now able to get high income. Only thing that can make them to earn high is fame.

Salary of Social Worker in CSR

Big corporate houses have their own department of CSR i.e Corporate Social Responsibility. They recruit the social workers and social activists for running their social campaign and social beneficial schemes. In this particular department, social worker earns a lot which is similar to an MBA graduate in average company. The salary of manager in CSR is approximately in the bracket of Rs 8 lakh to Rs 18 lakh per annum. For the assistant manager, corporates are ready to spend Rs 2.5 lakh to Rs 4 lakh per annum.

Other Prospects Social Worker

They enjoy working in government sector with the designation like research officer, welfare officer, development officer, welfare officer, urban planner and lecturer or professor. In Private sector they desire to work as project director, program officer,

programme coordinator, program assistant, community mobilizer, counselor, social scientist, MIS Coordinator and sociologist.

There are many professionals who left their position for social work and earn about 10% of their for their subsistence level. Pratyush Rathore was IIT Bombay’s 2010 pass out. He left his package of Rs 44 lakh to join teaching . He taught students for IIT entrance for three years and now he has purchased land for opening school in Sirlay, Madhya Pradesh, his hometown. He is now busy in process for opening school and taking required permission for the same.