Aptara, an Introduction

Aptara, the content solutions company is a well known name in the publishing industry. It serves 10 leading publishers in the world to help them grow their revenues through digital content. It has cutting edge capabilities in all the fields of publishing, including technology development.

What does it do?

It transcribes, optimizes, and modifies the content required by the publishers to facilitate all kinds of readers wherever they want to access. That is the reason Aptara is able to offer new digital products to their publishers frequently and according to the market needs. It has around 6000 employees on its rolls, but it is highly cost-efficient as far as its position as an outsourcing destination is concerned. It is a low-cost digital content producer. It specializes in producing e-books, apps, e-learning solutions, legal documentation and transcription and content technology.

Salaries at entry level

As far as salaries are concerned, at entry level, the salaries are disappointingly low. They hire the web publishers, Photoshop specialists, transcriptionists, data entry operators, web developers, photo publishers and editors, and upload us at Rs.5000- Rs.6000 a month, that too in an expensive city like New Delhi. At middle management and higher management, the package you get depends on your negotiation skills and indispensability.

Career Growth for Freshers in India

Aptara Salary in India

A project manager takes home around Rs.9.5 lakh per annum. The minimum salary for this designation is Rs.6 lakh per annum. A financial analyst draws an average of Rs.2.1 lakh per annum, which can go up to Rs.2.5 lakh per annum. The monthly salary of a project manager is around Rs.60,000 a month. A senior instructional designer gets around Rs.9.5 lakh per annum, whereas a senior manager may get up to Rs.1.4 million per annum. The minimum salary for a senior manager is around Rs.1.25 million. A senior project manager gets around Rs.1.3 million.

The salary of an assistant manager is Rs.5.2 lakh per annum, whereas the monthly salary of an instructional designer is Rs.26,000. An editorial assistant gets around Rs.2 lakh per annum, whereas a copy editor gets around Rs.2.5 lakh per annum. An XML programmer gets around Rs.2.1 lakh per annum, whereas an abstract associate gets an average package of Rs.3.2 lakh per annum. A senior financial analyst’s package in Aptara is Rs.3.1 lakh per annum. A facilitator gets around Rs.2 lakh per annum.

General attitude and company policies

Aptara is a very cost-conscious organization and it deducts money at every opportunity possible from the employees’ salaries. So, it is not surprising to find deductions for transportation etc. Cafeteria is allocated to private vendors, who offer food and beverages above the market price. Even the daily meals are charged and the quality of food at its New Delhi office is below average. The cab services are also far from satisfactory. The plasma TVs in the cafeteria, too are sold to an advertising channel and they show a nonstop stream of advertisements instead of some worthwhile content or entertainment.

Know the Salary range in India According to Company


According to the entry level employees, it is a good company to get experience in publishing industry. It offers you latest platforms to work upon and gives you an insight into the latest practices in digital publishing. The experience gained in Aptara is world class and its employees are highly in demand in publishing industry. Though, for most of the employees, the salary part is extremely disappointing.

*Salaries are subject to change with time.