About Nokia Corporation

The Nokia Corporation that is popularly known all over the world as Nokia is a transnational telecommunications and information technology giant based in Finland. Nokia occupied the top slot as far as mobile phone sales were concerned on a global basis consecutively for a period of 14 years (from 1998 to 2012). The corporation’s core competency areas lie in manufacturing mobile phones and IT gadgets and supplying mobile networks on a BOT (build, operate and transfer) basis. Nokia also extends diversified Internet services like game consoles, IT applications, music, messaging, and free data relating to digital mapping and navigation via its subsidiary Navteq.

Nokia Corp has sales outlets in over 150 countries and has offices in 120 countries with total employee strength of 1, 30, 000 individuals. It posted annual revenues of $ 30.176 billion and had a total asset base valued at $ 29.949 billion in FY 2012-13. India continues to be a priority market for Nokia. Nokia’s manufacturing site in Chennai is one of its largest sites worldwide where more than 8,000 workers are employed directly. Nokia started operating in India in the year 1995.

Jobs in Nokia Can Give Your Career a Head-start

Know the Range of Salaries in India

If you’re looking to commence your professional career with a lot of promise and give it a head-start, then you can apply for a job in Nokia. At Nokia, you’ll not just be contributing to the process of turning out world-class mobile phones and smartphones but also get the opportunity to thrive in an environment that is extremely stimulating and motivating. At Nokia, you’ll be continuously exposed to a highly ingenious environment as you’ll be working alongside the crime de la creme of acclaimed professionals. You’ll get ample opportunities to exploit your skills for the betterment of the organization and also for your personal growth.

If you have a PhD degree or any other relevant advanced degree you’ll be eligible to apply for a job at any of the 10 NRCs (Nokia Research Centres) in prominent cities around the world. NRCs are exclusively engaged in carrying out scientific research in cellular technology with the pious objective of stepping up the versatility of mobile phones and making them more user-friendly. Students with masters, bachelors, PhDs and MBAs are recruited in the technical segments of computer science, cloud computing and engineering and also for non-technical segments including human resource, finance, communications, and so on.

Salaries in Nokia

Salary structures in Nokia according to job positions, years of experience, location, skills, certification, and gender have been presented below in a tabulated form.

Average Salaries in Nokia According to Job Position or Designation

Job Position or Designation Median Salary Range ( INR )
Senior Software Engineer 800000-1030000
Senior Engineer 850000-1040000
Software Engineer 416000-950000
R & D Software Engineer 520000-792000
Specialist 198000-1080000
Area Sales Manager 300000-1080000
Project Manager 1070000-2000000
Senior R & D Software Engineer 900000-2000000
Program Manager 1050000-2050000
Architect 750000-1800000
Product Manager 1054000-2064000
Senior Testing Engineer 19200-950000
General or Operations Manager 1342459-8675419
Buyer (Non-Technical) 162852-856976
Human Resource Specialist 336646-1428100
Project Manager(IT) 961710-2991269
Marketing Manager 395427-3019479
Senior Software Architect 883308-3130670
Sr. Software Programmer/Developer 538708-1878090
Senior Engineering Manager 776000-4067000

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Salaries According to Years of Experience

Years of Experience Average Salary ( INR )
1-4 years 436578
5-9 years 873996
10-19 years 1540455
20 years and beyond 1336610

Average Salaries by Location

City (State) Average Salary ( INR )
Bangalore (Karnataka) 1016613
Greater Chennai (Tamil Nadu) 493690
Chennai City (Tamil Nadu) 421677
Greater Mumbai (Maharashtra) 1496676
Mumbai City (Maharashtra) 1106976
New Delhi (Delhi) 1397987
Gurgaon (Haryana) 512200

Average State-wise Salaries

State or Union Territory Average Salary ( INR )
Andhra Pradesh 1768747
Delhi 1081990
Karnataka 1018680
Haryana 512199
Maharashtra 1174205
Tamil Nadu 484617
West Bengal 461007

Average Salaries According to Certification

Certification Average Salary ( INR )
Sun Certified Java Programmer 774914
Certified Professional Engineer 268138
Project Management Professional 1275600
Institute of Cost and Works Accountants 1320032
Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer 2150010
Microsoft Certified Solution Developer 1861780
Professional Human Resources 1028028
Foundation Certificate in Software Testing (ISEB/ISTQB) 610000
Six Sigma Black Belt (Certified) 4142020

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Gender-Wise Average Salary

Gender Average Salary ( INR )
Male 1063650
Female 587129

*Salaries are subject to change with time