Company Overview

Sony Corporation which is famous worldwide as Sony is a consumer electronics giant that was incorporated in the year 1946 in Tokyo about a year after WWII came to an end. The products and services that Sony delivers can be broadly categorised under the broad divisions or segments of consumer electronics, media equipment, video games, semiconductors, telecommunication equipment, credit financing, banking and insurance services. Sony occupies the 87th rank in the Fortune 500 global list of companies.

Sony in India

Sony which happens to be a ubiquitous brand started its Indian journey in 1994 in November. It initially concentrated on marketing and selling its product line throughout the length and breadth of the country. Just in the span of two decades, the Tokyo based electronics behemoth by dint of its focussed marketing strategies has now positioned itself as India’s premier consumer electronics marque. Sony since the time of its inception had a yen for excellence and the organization’s missionary zeal to spread its business has led to its having a robust presence in almost all major cities and towns of India.

Sony has a very robust sales and service network that includes 23 branches, 270 Sony POS (sales outlets), and 255 service centres, and approximately 10,400 merchants, retailers, and distributors. The ‘Sony Centres’ located in every prominent city and town in India and manned by highly qualified and experienced staff are veritable ‘brand ambassadors’ of the company. Almost all consumer durable and electronics products manufactured by Sony including but not limited to televisions & projectors, home audio and video, compact digital cameras, tablets, smartphones, transposable lens camera, and home theatre systems are available in India. The Sony brands ‘Bravia’, ‘Cyber-Shot’, ‘Walkman’, ‘VAIO’, ‘XPlod’, and ‘PlayStation’ are familiar to nearly all Indians.

Jobs Scenarios in Consumer Durables Industry

Sony Careers

Sony enjoys global renown for its high quality products and services. In order to ensure that that the company’s customers get the very best of products, Sony recruits individuals who not only have an excellent academic track record but also have the requisite technical and professional skills. The channels of communication are very well-developed and entrenched that allow employees at all hierarchical levels to capitalize on their knowledge and skills for chipping in to the organization’s overall growth in career and development. Sony carries out routine employee surveys for the sake of their welfare.
As far as recruitment at different organizational levels are concerned, Sony first starts with identifying the skills that a typical employee would need to have for the job position he or she is applying to. After recruitment, the candidate’s innate skilfulness is further honed through intensive training programs.

Salaries in Sony India

Salaries and emoluments payable to employees are commensurate with their performance. Apart from receiving salaries that are among the best in the industry, the employees also receive healthcare insurance, paid leaves, festival bonuses, and gratuity, PF and superannuation benefits.

Salaries According to Job Designation

Job Designation Salary Range(INR)
Automation Engineer 333467-1789510
Product Marketing Manager 128808-308757
Business Development Manager 525480-2496760
Senior Software Engineer 500000-972000
Trainee Software Engineer 386000-472000
Software Engineer 156000-168000
Associate Project Manager 1021000-1030000
Project Lead 1014000-1024000
Accountant 110400-117960
Project Manager 1430000-1560000
SAP Consultant (Basis) 385000-493000
SAP Consultant (ABAP) 361000-393000

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Salaries According to Experience

Years of Experience Average Salary (INR)
1-4 years 200657
5-9 years 567644
10-19 years 899790

Salaries According to City

City (State) Average Salary ( INR )
Bangalore (Karnataka) 586880
Delhi (NCR) 471343
New Delhi 1025025
Kolkata Greater (West Bengal) 335050
Kolkata City (West Bengal) 600050
Pune (Maharashtra) 298220

Salary of Managers in India

Salaries According to Skill

Skill Average Salary ( INR )
Marketing Management 799800
Microsoft Office 308086
C 600100
C++ 612246
Linux 615760
Microsoft Word 168168
Marketing Communications 900000
Microsoft Excel 260056
Windows NT/ XP/2000 343240

Salaries According to Industry

Industry Average Salary ( INR )
Packaged Consumer Products 404160
IT and ITES Services 587187
Consumer Electronics (General) 557667
Electrical Appliance Equipment and Parts (Manufacturing) 330636
Consumer Electronics (Manufacture) 600010
Consumer Electronics (Store) 160066

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Salaries According to Gender

Gender Average Salary ( INR )
Male 662128
Female 420030

*Salaries are subject to change with time