M.tech Salary in IIT

An Engineering degree is one of the most sought out academic qualifications, which not only brings attention to someone's resume, but opens up a plethora of job opportunities, and these opportunities get increased by various degrees if one has an engineering degree from IIT Delhi. Indian Institute of Technology, one of the most acknowledged names in the country for engineering, offers a world class education to students, and through its 16 institutes offer a brilliant chance to the aspirants to be a part of this world.

Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, is one of the 16 branches of this autonomous group of institutes, which was established in 1961, and was inaugurated by Prof. Humayun Kabir, the then Minister of Scientific Research and Cultural Affairs. It was inaugurated as The College of Engineering and Technology, but in 1963 was included in the Institutes of Technology, and hence got its present name.

Degrees in IIT Delhi

The Institute offers, Undergraduate, B. Tech as well as Postgraduate, M. Tech Programmes, which gives amazing opportunities to young engineers, in making a career. While one can also go for a further research programme and obtain a doctorate. Whether one talks about work profile or atmosphere, salary packages or perks, further opportunities or recognition, IIT Delhi promises each one of these to its alumni.

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Different Educational Programmes for M. Tech in IIT Delhi:

Under various schools or departments, a student has various fields to study, which offers different job opportunities and pay scale. Few populareducational programmes are:

  • Engineering Mechanics
  • Atmospheric- Oceanic Sciences and Technology
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Molecular Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Computer Science and Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Textile Engineering

And depending on a Bachelors or Masters certification, the future career world welcomes an IITian, with open arms. An engineer with a Masters degree, from IIT Delhi, would have many bright doors of career opened for him or her, and the employers keep a constant tab on such engineers, that too with brilliant pay packages and growth opportunities.

Salary ranges offered to M Tech from IIT Delhi:

A student, who has a Masters degree in any field of Engineering, is offered many ranges of salary, depending on which location he wants a job, on the designation he gets, and his own talent. Take a look.

Salary Ranges by Popular Designations:

Designations Salary Ranges
Software Engineer / Developer / Programmer Rs 305,623 - Rs 887,693
Lecturer / Speaker Rs 235,832 - Rs 305,209
Project Manager, IT Rs 930,889 - Rs 1,965,270
Software Architect Rs 960,000 - Rs 2,850,000
Mechanical Engineer Rs 472,000 - Rs 729,452

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Other Popular Designations:

  • Associate Professor
  • Assistant Professor
  • Project Engineer
  • Naval Architect
  • Software Developer

Salary Ranges by Popular Education Programmes:

Programmes: Salary Ranges
M. Tech in Applied Electronics 300,000 - 900,000
M. Tech in Civil Engineering 300,000 - 600,000
M. Tech in Chemical Engineering 350,000 - 900,000
M. Tech in Computer Science Engineering 540,000 - 1,191,000
M. tech in Electrical Engineering 341,000 - 900,000
M. tech in Mechanical Engineering 341,000 - 900,000

Salary Ranges by Popular Cities:

Cities Salary Ranges
Bangalore, Karnataka Rs 272,272 - Rs 2,008,912
Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh Rs 85,000 - Rs 1,017,365
Chennai, Tamil Nadu Rs 360,000 - Rs 1,860,000
Pune,Maharashtra Rs 330,750 - Rs 1,230,000
New Delhi,Delhi Rs 349,958 - Rs 1,119,101

Salary Ranges by Gender:

  • The average percentage of female M. Tech IITians, working: 8% and the range of their salary is Rs 442,186 - Rs 594,952.
  • The average percentage of male M. Tech IITians working: 92% and the range of their salary is Rs 349,722 - Rs 960,517.

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Some popular companies hiring M Tech from IIT Delhi are:

  • Wipro Technologies Ltd.
  • Cadence Design Systems Inc.
  • Infosys Limited
  • Schneider Electric Ltd.
  • Qualcomm Inc.

Last Updated: 06/12/2014