Biotechnology has become one of the fastest growing industries in India. Biotechnology engineers in India have tremendous career potential in terms of R&D facilities, skills, and knowledge. As per a survey conducted by the ABLE (Association of Biotechnology-Led Enterprises), the Biotechnology sector in India has grown by 17 percent in the year 2010 over the past year. Salary of a Biotechnology engineer in India depends upon individual knowledge, skills and years of experience. Biotechnology is the discipline which covers genetic technology as well. In India, many multinational companies and research institutes recruit qualified Biotechnology engineers in different fields. The field of Biotechnology is vast and covers the following domains:

  • Healthcare
  • Biodegradable industry
  • Mining
  • Bio-informatics

Top Companies in India employing Biotechnology Engineers

The most popular companies in India recruiting Biotechnology engineers are as follows:

  • Ranbaxy
  • Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories
  • AstraZeneca
  • Aurigene Discovery Technologies Limited
  • Aventis Pharmaceuticals
  • Avesthagen Technologies Pvt Ltd
  • Bharath Biotechnology
  • Orchid Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

Biotechnology Graduate Salary by Degree

Undergraduate degrees like B.Sc and B.Tech are the threshold qualifications in biotechnology career. Undergraduates and Postgraduates (M.Tech and M.Sc) are recruited by companies for application level jobs and both postgraduates and Ph.D holders and even medical graduates are hired for R&D level positions.

Degree Salary Range Per Month
Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) in Biotechnology Rs.25,000 – 28,000
Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) in Biology Rs.20,000 – 24,000
Bachelor of Technology Biotechnology Rs.28,000 – 31,000
Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry Rs.25,000 – 28,000
B.Sc Biological Sciences Rs.20,000 -22,000
M.Tech in Biotechnology Rs.30,000 – 33,000
M.Sc Biotechnology Rs. 28,000 – 31,000

 Biotechnology Salary in Leading Companies

For over a decade now MNC companies as well as Indian corporates in the Biotech industry were in a hiring spree and it is expected to continue the trend. Here you will get a rough idea about Biotech salary ranges from entry level to the highest (non managerial) levels of leading companies in India.

Company Name Industry Salary Range
Genentech, Inc. Pharmaceuticals Rs.360,000 – 800,000
Life Technologies Biotechnology Rs.300,000 – 860,000
Merck & Co., Inc. Pharmaceuticals Rs.320,000 – 690,000
Novartis Institutes Pharmaceuticals 360,000 – 900,000
Pfizer, Inc. Pharmaceuticals Rs.400,000 – 850,000
Bharat Biotech International Pharmaceuticals Rs.300,000 – 600,000
Biocon Biotechnology Rs.260,000 – 496,000
Indian Immunologicals Limited Pharmaceuticals Rs.280,000 – 540,000
Nuziveedu Seeds Agriculture 240,000 – 480,000
Serum Institute of India Pharmaceuticals 360,000 – 780,000
Panacea Biotech Ltd. Pharmaceuticals Rs.300,000 – 480,000
Ocimum Bio Solutions Biotechnology Rs.280,000 – 560,000

Biotechnology Salary by Cities

Name of the City Median Salary Range (per year)
New Delhi, Delhi ₹ 2.9 lakhs – ₹ 7 lakhs
Bangalore, Karnataka ₹ 1.4 lakhs – ₹ 11.lakhs
Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh ₹ 1.1 lakhs – ₹ 12 lakhs

Biotechnology Salary by States

Name of the State Median Salary Range (per year)
Karnataka ₹ 1.4 lakh- ₹ 11 lakh
Delhi ₹ 1.6 lakh – ₹ 12 lakh
Andhra Pradesh ₹ 1.1 lakh – ₹ 12 lakh
Tamil Nadu ₹ 1.8 lakh – ₹ 23 lakh

Biotechnology Salary Range by Industry

Name of the Industry Median Salary Range (per year)
Research & Development ₹ 1.9 lakhs – ₹ 11 lakhs
Pharmaceuticals ₹ 1.9 lakhs – ₹ 11 lakhs
Vaccines ₹ 1.8 lakhs – ₹ 11 lakhs
Cardiology ₹ 1.8 lakhs – ₹ 11 lakhs
Academics ₹ 1.6 lakhs – ₹ 9 lakhs

Certifications Required to become a Biotechnology Engineer

Generally, candidates need to possess a postgraduate degree in Biotechnology. While recruiting, leading companies give preference to candidates who have some years of working experience in the same field. However, some companies also recruit freshers. Some leading companies also recruit graduate Biotechnology engineers who have exceptionally good academic performance. Recruitment procedure in multinational firms involves a written test and viva.