A dentist is a medical practitioner who works in the exclusive department of treating, diagnosing, and curing oral problems. The profession is a highly reputed and responsible job, which requires proper qualification and training in the concerned area. Years and years of learning and practice makes a person, a professional in this area, after which either he or she can start his or her clinic or join a research centre and other associated organizations.

Some Popular Job Responsibilities of a Dentist:

  • New research regarding oral problems, diseases and their cures.
  • Dental cleaning and filling.
  • Developing new technologies for the dental treatments.
  • Taking care of people’s dental problems through braces, prosthetics, and various other dental therapies.
  • Performing various diagnosis and x rays.

Some Popular Jobs for Dentists:

  • Dental Therapists
  • Dental Researchers
  • Dental Teachers
  • Dental Hygienists
  • Dental Writers
  • Dental Assistants
  • Dental Technicians

Some Popular Employers for Dentists:

  • Western Dental Services
  • Dental Dreams, LLC
  • Aspen Dental Services
  • Kool Smiles
  • Jefferson Dental Clinics
  • Dental Experts
  • Abbaszadeh Professional Dental Corp.
  • Bronx-Lebanon Hospital
  • Bradley Dental Services
  • Dental Health Associates

Salary of a Dentist in India:

A professional and trained dentist can earn beautiful pay packages and make a brilliant career for himself.

Annual Salary Rs 61,075 – Rs 547,384
Bonus Rs 50,000 – Rs 97,444
Total pay Rs 63,899 – Rs 589,581

Salaries for Dentists in some popular industries:

Family Dentistry Rs 77,663 – Rs 778,321
Healthcare Rs 88,381 – Rs 688,072
Dental Prosthetic Services Rs 94,024 – Rs 860,815
Hospital Rs 86,289 – Rs 626,674
Health Clinic Rs 80,730 – Rs 531,336

Dentist Salaries in India by Experience:

The annual average salary ranges are directly proportional to their experience in the field:-

Experience Annual Average Salaries
Less than a year INR 120,000 – INR300,000
1-4 years INR 60,044 – INR587,228
5-9 years INR 349,958 – INR508,682

Annual Average Salaries of Dentists Based on Cities

Cities with higher costs of living have better salaries in store for their dentists. Thus if you have the opportunity to negotiate with a company outside your home town, it is advisable to do some research on prevalent costs in the city:-

City Annual Average Salaries
Pune, Maharashtra INR 117,916 – INR308,368
Bengaluru, Karnataka INR 59,392 – INR505,069
Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh INR 61,042 – INR360,000

Average Salaries based on Industry

Preferences for particular industry may consequently result in varying Dentist salary ranges:-

Industry Annual Average Salaries
Healthcare INR 102,000 – INR 420,000
Hospital INR 144,000 – INR 307,226
Family Dentistry INR 59,117 – INR 636,000
Dental Prosthetic Services INR 156,000 – INR 489,796

Average Salaries Based on Types of Employers

Types of Employers Annual Average Salaries
University or college INR 114,000 – INR 378,000
Hospital INR 61,277 – INR 595,976
Company INR 78,000 – INR 360,000
Firm or Private Practice INR 58,723 – INR 2,100,887

Now that you have a fair idea of what dentists can usually earn on an average in the country let us focus on wages earned by two most significant types of dentists- family and cosmetic. While a family dentist is the one who treats patients without any discrimination based on age, hence are appointed most of the times by patients to treat their whole family as and when required, a cosmetic dentist is the one who is exclusively involved with the appearance of teeth. The salary lists provided below are duly based on experience, place of living and sex.

Average Salaries- Family Dentistry

Job Category Annual Average Salaries
Dentist INR 210,000
General Dentist INR 226,800

Salary of Dentist By Experience

Experience Annual Average Salaries
Less than a year INR 180,000
1-4 years INR 183,126
5-9 years INR 228,000

Salary of Dentist By City

City Annual Average Salaries
Mumbai, Maharashtra INR 216,000
Bengaluru, Karnataka INR 270,000
Pune, Maharashtra INR 240,000
Chennai, Tamil Nadu INR 360,000
Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh INR 97,959
Nagpur, Maharashtra INR 295,000

Average Salaries – Cosmetic Dentistry

Job Category Annual Average Salaries
Cosmetic Dentist INR 270,000
Dentist INR 180,000

Popular qualifications for the jobs of a Dentist:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Dentistry
  • Master’s Degree in Dentistry
  • Dental Admissions Test
  • Doctor of Dental Surgery
  • Doctor of Dental Medicine

Salary for dentists on the basis of gender:

This is one industry, where a considerably good number of working females have been recorded, take a look:

  • Male Dentists are recorded to be 64%, earning : Rs 101,736 – Rs 363,029
  • Female Dentists are recorded to be 36%, earning : Rs 72,000 – Rs 240,000

Benefits and Perks in Dentistry industry:

Dentists are professional people, who are dedicated to one particular industry and are trained people in their profession. One has a lot of benefits working for such a dedicated field after years of learning and practice, take a look:

  • Independent work, self owned clinics
  • Comfortable working hours
  • Continuous learning and researching
  • Brilliant pay packages
  • Medical and dental insurance
  • National and International contacts.

Dentists are dedicated people, and it is often said that they have to spend a lot of money in their studies as the course and the area of learning is quite expensive, but the best part is that you can earn it all back as the scope and remunerations in this industry are huge; while you can also earn a lot of security and respect in the industry. After working with a reputed dental organization or health centre for a considerable time, one can set up his or her own clinic and establish themselves in the industry as a dentist, all on their own.