Kitchen designing is a specialized field of interior designing. Although sought after all around the world, kitchen designing is a niche field in India. Usually, interior designers with knowledge of kitchen designing, engineering and architecture get preferences in the industry. Designing a kitchen is in fact one of the most important jobs that an interior designer needs to do while designing the interiors of a home, office, restaurant or hotel. The salary of a kitchen designer depends on his talent, creativity, years of experience and other factors.

Kitchen designers are required to have knowledge about kitchen components, their installation, plumbing and ergonomic architecture of a kitchen. As kitchens have fire and high voltage electric usage, designers need to be extra careful while planning it. Apart from this, kitchen designers also use software that can generate 3D images of a kitchen to help customers understand the look and feel of the kitchen virtually. Therefore, the deliverables of kitchen designers are interacting with customers in order to prepare drawings of kitchens as per their requirements and budget, supervising the modeling and installations and bringing together different kitchen systems in an efficient manner.

Salary in Kitchen Designing

Salary of kitchen designers is similar to that of interior designers. Their salary is dependent on a range of parameters like city, years of experience, status of the company and the size of the company. Apart from the salaries, kitchen designers can also earn bonuses or commissions from the work they get. The work of kitchen designers usually gets known through word of mouth. So, if you have good communication skills and a pleasant personality, you will be able to engage more clients, thus getting more commission and a higher salary. Here is an overview of the median salary ranges as per different cities and years of experience:

Median Salary Range in India for Kitchen Designers as per different cities:

The median salary range in India for kitchen designers as per different cities is as follows:

Name of City Median Salary Range (per annum)
National Capital Region Rs. 125000 to Rs. 500000
Bangalore (Bengaluru) Rs. 150000 to Rs. 400000
Jaipur Rs. 100000 to Rs. 350000
Chennai Rs. 105000 to Rs. 600000
Hyderabad Rs. 145000 to Rs. 450000

Median Salary Range in India for Kitchen Designers as per years of experience:

The median salary range in India for kitchen designers as per years of experience is as follows:

Number of Years Median Salary Range (per annum)
0 to 2 years Rs. 50000 to Rs. 200000
2 to 4 years Rs. 175000 to Rs. 300000
4 to 7 years Rs. 200000 to Rs. 500000

Scope for Kitchen Designers

Interior designing firms and companies dealing with kitchen fittings and modular kitchens are on a lookout for talented and creative kitchen designers. Professionals with experience, creativity and knowledge of the different categories of kitchens have opportunities to rise very high in their career. Many kitchen designers take on private practice after some solid years of experience. During that time, they make a portfolio that comes to use when they embark on their own. They also have their earlier clients to contact to help them get work. Kitchens are one of the most used rooms in a home, office, restaurant and hotel. They are, therefore, more likely to need remodeling after some years than any other room. So, kitchen designers need not worry about the wide range of work opportunities they can get. Here is a list of companies that recruit kitchen designers or interior designers with strong knowledge of modular kitchens:

Name of Company Location(s)
Timbor Home Limited Ahmedabad
Adeetya's Kitchen System Pune
PrimRose Interiors Bangalore
Johnson Kitchens Noida Delhi Jalgaon Mumbai
Innovative Kitchen World Navi Mumbai
CJ Living New Delhi
Inspirationz Gurgaon
Benedetto Kitchens Bangalore Hyderabad
Autograph Kitchen & Wardrobe Chennai
Greenleaf Interiors Pvt Ltd Bangalore