Legal assistants are the people who are proficient in secretarial work and have the legal knowledge to help lawyers do their job efficiently. Also called paralegals, legal apprentices, legal supervisors and legal officers in India, they are very important in law firms and legal departments of all types of companies. In the present times, with the increase in outsourcing opportunities, qualified legal assistants find positions in legal process outsourcing firms and consultancies. The salary of legal assistants depends on the experience, qualification and skills of the candidate.

Scope for Legal Assistants

The legal services industry in India requires a range of talents from lawyers and judges to legal assistants and supervisors. Legal assistants are responsible for conducting research for a case, recording the details of the case proceedings, making legal reports and also administering the lawyer’s office. Without legal assistants, lawyers find it difficult to do their job. It is in fact seen that during recession, the paralegal industry has grown. To build a career in legal assistance, a person should have a Bachelors’ degree, preferably in law or legal studies. For a law graduate in India the starting salary is around Rs. 120,000 per annum. With experience, you can expect a remarkable raise in your salary. Some companies also offer a higher pay package to legal assistants with a post graduate degree in law.
Here is an overview of the salary of legal assistants across various spheres:

Median Salary Range in India for Legal Assistants as per different industrial sectors:

Companies all across industries require legal help. Legal assistants can find employment opportunities in industries like IT (information technology), telecommunication, energy, construction, FMCGs and other products and services. Here is the median salary range for the popular industries in India:

Name of industry Median Salary Range (per annum)
Law practice Rs. 112267 to Rs. 453399
Civil Litigation Rs. 93487 to Rs. 420475
Information Technology Rs. 97830 to Rs. 493155
Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) Rs. 105541 to Rs. 520935
Legal Services Rs. 100170 to Rs. 509785

Median Salary Range in India for Legal Assistants as per different cities/states:

Bangalore, in Karnataka, is considered as the highest salary paying city in India for legal assistants. Apart from Bangalore, cities like Mumbai in Maharashtra, Delhi, Ahmedabad in Gujarat, Noida in Uttar Pradesh, Kolkata in West Bengal and Chennai in Tamil Nadu are best places to search for job opportunities for legal assistants. Here is the median salary range for some of these cities and states of India:

Name of City/State Median Salary Range (per annum)
Bangalore Karnataka Rs. 174979 to Rs. 305209
Maharashtra Rs. 144000 to Rs. 348765

Median Salary Range in India for Legal Assistants as per different company sizes:

The salary of legal assistants also depends on the size of the company in India. Here is the median salary range for the different company sizes:

Company Size (number of employees) Median Salary Range (per annum)
50 to 199 Rs. 147395 to Rs. 366251
600 to 1999 Rs. 121500 to Rs. 336000