Neurosurgery is a highly specialized branch of medicine and surgery that involves the treatment and diagnosis of problems in the nervous system, which comprises the brain and the spinal cord. Neurosurgeons are known for their tremendous focus and stamina that help them perform complicated surgeries and remove tumors from the most sensitive parts of the brain. It is no wonder that this is one of the most respected and sought-after professions globally. The salary of neurosurgeons is relatively higher due to the level of skill involved in this job. Salary is dependent not only on the skillfulness of surgery, but also in the years of experience and knowledge base.

Scope of Neurosurgeons

Hospitals and specialty clinics in India employ neurosurgeons for their neurosurgery department. Teaching positions are also available for neurosurgeons in medical colleges in the undergraduate and post graduate level. It has been seen that private hospitals offer higher salaries to neurosurgeons, but government hospitals provide better growth opportunities. Apart from being associated with hospitals and specialty clinics, several neurosurgeons also have their own private practice. The popular hospitals in India where neurosurgeons find placements are as follows:

  • Fortis Healthcare Limited
  • Apollo Hospitals
  • Manipal Medical College and Hospital
  • Sir Gangaram Hospital
  • Kailash Healthcare
  • Max Healthcare

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Educational Requirements and skills for a Neurosurgeon

To become a neurosurgeon in India, you will need to study M.B.B.S. from a recognized medical college after your 12th standard. On completion of M.B.B.S., you will need to sit for the Post Graduate Medical Entrance tests and score high to get into a college providing M.S. in General Neurosurgery. Hospitals offer higher salary to doctors with degrees like M.Ch. in Neurosurgery that can be done after finishing with the M.S. degree. You will also need to hone your surgical skills, which is a prerequisite for a neurosurgeon. Neurosurgeons need to have the passion, perseverance and patience to do their job skillfully and deal with the stresses of constant long hours in surgical theatre.

Salary of Neurosurgeons in India

There are several parameters that decide the salary of a neurosurgeon. Apart from the surgical skills and years of experience, salary is also dependent on the city or state you are practicing in, the industry you are working in and the size of the hospital. Here is an overview of the median salary range of neurosurgeons as per the various parameters:

Median Salary Range of Neurosurgeon According to experience:

As earlier mentioned, experience plays a big role in determining the salary of a neurosurgeon. The median salary range of neurosurgeon as per number of years of experience is as follows:

Number of Years of Experience Median Salary Range (per annum)
1 to 4 years Rs. 570000 to Rs. 3549296
5 to 9 years Rs. 1440000 to Rs. 2875000

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Median Salary of Neurosurgeon According to Industries:

There are three main industries where neurosurgeons are employed “ healthcare, hospitals and medical services. The median salary range of neurosurgeon as per different industries is as follows:

Name of Industry Median Salary Range (per annum)
Healthcare Rs. 332748 to Rs. 4845951
Hospital Rs. 322183 to Rs. 4573711
Medical Services Rs. 342441 to Rs. 4125355

Median Salary of Neurosurgeon According to States in India:

There are some states in India that pay higher salary to a neurosurgeon than other cities and states. Studies suggest that Karnataka, Delhi, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh are popular places among practicing neurosurgeons. The median salary range of neurosurgeon as per different states is as follows:

Name of Indian State Median Salary Range (per annum)
Karnataka Rs. 750000 to Rs. 4300000
Delhi Rs. 500000 to Rs. 2779856
Maharashtra Rs. 810000 to Rs. 2350000

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Median Salary Range of Neurosurgeon According to Hospital:

The size of the hospital is another determining factor for the neurosurgeon salary in India. The hospital size is decided by the number of hospital beds. Therefore, the median salary of neurosurgeon as per the number of hospital beds is as follows:

Number of Hospital Beds Median Salary Range (per annum)
100 to 299 Rs. 661287 to Rs. 2947906
More than 500 Rs. 960000 to Rs. 5570132

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