A physical therapist also known as Physiotherapist is someone who treats patients with acute health problems like fractures, heart diseases, arthritis, lower-back pain and cerebral palsy etc. Patients may include accident victims as well. The primary responsibility of the physiotherapistis to work on the patient thereby restoring and improving mobility, preventing any kind of further worsening and maintaining normal fitness.

Physiotherapistis Jobs and Salaries in India by Experience

Category Experience Median Salary
Junior Physiotherapist Less than a year INR 60000-INR 240000
Around 1-4 years INR 60000-INR 305209
Physiotherapist Less than a year INR 51 933-INR 290874
1-4 years INR 60120-INR 310529
5-9 years INR 100671-INR 794634
10-19 years INR 104762-INR 800000
Sports Physiotherapists 1-4 years INR 96000-INR 294791
Lead Physiotherapist 1-4 years INR 66000- INR 750000
5-9 years INR 75000- INR 1083053
Physiotherapy Training Instructor Less than a year INR 72000-INR 330000
Chief Physiotherapists 1-4 years INR 82541 – INR 177021
5-9 years INR 72483 – INR 715171
10-19 years INR 210000 – INR 492605

Please also note that with the bonus included the therapists can earn something like this (median salary) in India:

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Junior Physiotherapist – INR 60, 136 – INR 310, 726
Physiotherapist – INR 68,400- INR 408,832 (It includes salary, bonus plus profit sharing)
Sports Physiotherapists – INR 60,820 – INR 378,749
Lead Physiotherapist – INR 66,458- INR 943,670
Chief Physical Therapists: INR 82,212- INR 531,069
If you are pursuing a career in Orthopaedics be assured that you are going to earn quite handsomely from the very beginning of your career. A Junior orthopaedist can start earning at around INR 84,000 p.a and this can go as high as up to INR 459,000 if you are a Chief Physiotherapist. Here’s more to give you a better idea about an Orthopaedic’s salary:

Category National Salary
Junior Physiotherapist INR 84000
Physiotherapist INR 122084
Orthopedic Surgeon INR 200000
Senior Medical Transcriptionist INR 420000
Physiotherapy Assistant INR 252000
Chief Physiotherapist INR 459000
Experience Median Salary
Less than a year INR 19500
1-4 years INR 113700
5-9 years INR 600000
10-19 years INR 294791

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Physiotherapists Salaries by Gender:

Category Gender Median Salary
Junior Physiotherapist Male Required data not available
Female INR 91563 – INR 196527
Physiotherapist Male INR 90000 – INR 228000
Female INR 83936 – INR 224041
Lead Physiotherapist Male INR 86897 – INR 230649
Female Required data not available
Chief Physiotherapists Male INR 170979 – INR 489290
Female INR 117916 – INR 305209

It is heartening to learn that women’s contribution is more than that of men in the physical therapy field.
73% of the Indian Junior Physiotherapists are females. Additionally their contribution to the other fields of physical therapy is astounding too. 60% of the Sports therapists are females. However their contribution as Chief Physiotherapists is restricted only to 38%.

Physiotherapy Salaries by Cities

Cities Median Salary
Ahmedabad INR 117916 – INR 488335
Chennai INR 69535 – INR 397317
Bengaluru INR 60608 – INR 340595
New Delhi INR 55000 – INR 370000
Hyderabad INR 100000 – INR 200000
Mumbai INR 82851 – INR 608205

As already mentioned the reason why the career of a physiotherapist is flourishing in India is because they are needed in some of the prime industries like health, fitness, healthcare etc. Here’s how they are paid in different industries.
Category Industry Median Salary
Junior Physiotherapist Health clinic INR 60095 – INR 255285
Physical therapy INR 63412 – INR 318492
Hospital INR 62739 – INR 293367
Healthcare INR 63208 – INR 306507
Sports Physiotherapists Healthcare INR 66489 – INR 480774
Physical therapy INR 65910 – INR 490564
Lead Physiotherapist Hospital INR 69547 – INR 493591
Healthcare INR 70479 – INR 532748
Physical therapy INR 70031 – INR 517976
Chief Physiotherapists College University INR 86171 – INR 651976
Healthcare INR 77311 – INR 540905
Hospital INR 76289 – INR 503986

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Required Education to Become in Physiotherapists

You have to attain a Bachelor’s degree in Physiotherapy. Some of the colleges offering these courses in India are Lovely Professional University, Sri Ramachandra Medical College Research Institute, Meenakshi College of Physiotherapy etc. You have to have Science with Biology as one of the subjects in your plus 2 level before you get into these courses.

Scope of Physical Therapists in India

Of late much inroad has been made into this field in India and the demand for physical therapists is ever on the rise. Indians today have turned extremely health conscious and are ready to resort to the therapists for not only remedial but preventive measures as well. Additionally the highly mechanized lifestyle has triggered acute muscular and skeletal problems which need immediate attention of Physical therapists. These physical therapists are needed in several hospitals, medical centers, orthopaedic units, rehabilitation centers, private clinics, nursing homes, fitness centers across the entire country.

Types of Physical Therapies

A brief description of the several types of physical therapists will give you an idea on how vast this field is and a fairly detailed overview of which physical problems do the physical therapists deal with.

Average cash bonus based on experience:

A brief description of the several types of physical therapists will give you an idea on how vast this field is and a fairly detailed overview of which physical problems do the physical therapists deal with.
Geriatric Physical Therapy: Hip joint replacements, incontinence, cancer, Alzheimer, balance disorders and osteoporosis are some of the problems dealt with here.
Pediatric Physiotherapists: Children suffering from spina bifida, torticollis, development-related issues and cerebral palsy etc are treated here. Balance, coordination, honing motor skills are other areas handled.
Orthopedic physical therapists deal with amputations, sports injuries, strength training etc.
There are Neurological and Cardiovascular physical therapists as well.
More about a Career in Physiotherapy in India
Looking at the statistics above you can well gauge the kind of satisfaction both professional and personal it can bring to you. Just make sure that asides from honing your therapeutic skills you pay attention to your soft skills as well. Teamwork, communication, critical analysis and thinking are essential prerequisites. The job prospects in this field are further boosted by names like Apollo, Fortis, and HelpageIndia etc. The scope is even widened by a spurt of spas, wellness centers and sports centers coming up in different parts of the country.