Restaurant Manager is a post of huge responsibility, where the entire working and operation of a restaurant, hotel or any food outlet, depends entirely on a person; and through his or her efficiency the reputation of that particular outlet can be enhanced. Their role and responsibilities include not only getting a good business for their restaurant but also maintaining high standards of food, services, hygiene, safety and health.
Their working involves strategic planning of the day to day activities, management planning, shift pattern organization, marketing and business development programs. They also have to take care of the stock and supply management, equipments, health and hygiene inspection, and above all their major responsibility is to deal with the customers, irrespective of the customers behavior.

Restaurant Manager work activities:

It is as professional a job as any engineering or medical job, and hence requires trained people to handle the innumerous responsibilities that it deals with. Take a look.

  • Business performance of the restaurant.
  • Planning and analyzing the sales and profit of the restaurant.
  • Planning marketing strategies such as promotional events and discount schemes.
  • Maintaining the various reports regarding, staff, food, sales and so on.
  • Staff management and encouragement.
  • Planning budget schedules for the restaurant.
  • Planning menu items with the cooking department.
  • Responding and interacting with customers, including their complaints.
  • Recruiting and training of the staff members.
  • Taking care of reservations and party bookings.

Salary of Restaurant Manager:

A Restaurant Manager is a professional designation which needs minute observations and quick decision making, along with a perfect hospitality and etiquette in behavior. The job, no doubt has a lot of pressure and responsibilities, but it rewards the person with brilliant pay packages, remunerations and opportunities. The salary ranges offered to a Restaurant Manager depends on various factors, such as brand name of the outlet, qualification, and even city of employment. Take a look.

Average salary of a Restaurant Manager:

Salary Rs 185634 – Rs 618693
Bonus Rs 2500 – Rs 84407
Total Pay Rs 194340 – Rs 660274

Salary ranges by qualification:

Bachelor's Degree Rs 288992 – Rs 973127
BS in Hotel Management Rs 318236 – Rs 960000

Salary ranges by popular industries:

Hotels Rs 299990 – Rs 635062
Restaurants Rs 205864 – Rs 619656
Fast Food Restaurants Rs 205880 – Rs 618125
Food Service Rs 204855 – Rs 620689
Foods Beverages Rs 238307 – Rs 714888

Salary ranges by popular employers:

The Taj Group of Hotels Rs 180000 – Rs 322493
ITC Hotel Rs 291000 – Rs 588000
Pizza Hut Rs 39000 – Rs 41000
Alchemist Rs 58000 – Rs 62000

Salary ranges by Gender:

The male employees working as Restaurant Managers are recorded to be 94%, earning: Rs 244,952 – Rs 479,983.
The female employees working as Restaurant Managers are recorded to be 6%, earning almost as much as their male counterparts.

Popular cities for Restaurant Manager jobs:

  • Pune,Maharashtra
  • Mumbai,Maharashtra
  • Chennai, Tamil Nadu
  • Bangalore, Karnataka
  • Delhi,Delhi
  • Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh

Professional tips for a Restaurant Manager:

  • Manager is a post of huge responsibility, and one needs to work hard to reach that place. It is suggested that you work your way up towards this post with diligence and patience, and even with a smaller post of a host.
  • Learn the techniques and professionalism by grounding yourself in one organization, it is suggested that you do not change your job from restaurant to restaurant.
  • In this profession you have to remember that the guest is always of the prime importance and his satisfaction is your number one priority.
  • You must keep a good understanding with the entire unit and staff members, as learning about each and every department is a necessity for the job of a restaurant manager.
  • Analyzing customer’s interests and their complaints become important in this profession, as that provides you a good way to improvement.