About HCL

Acknowledged as the 4th largest IT Company in India, and 48th in the world, HCL Technologies Limited is a reputed name in the world of technical service provider. Established in 1991, the company has traced a path breaking record in many areas, from outsourcing to infrastructure services.
The headquarters of HCL is in Noida, India, but the services are provided throughout the world in such a remarkable way, that it is a brand name on a global front in today’s date.
It is not only a prestigious name for customers to rely on, but it is also a popular name in the list of people looking for jobs in technical field. Connecting more than 90,000 employees, HCL provides a wonderful working environment and attractive perks and packages to its employees.

The services offered by HCL:

  • Business Services: Here the outsourcing business is taken care of, especially with the countries like US and UK
  • Engineering Services: This department takes care of the technological build up and creations of the establishment, including new creation in hardware, software and mechanical devices.
  • Enterprise Application Services: This is another network of HCL, through which technological progress is achieved and services are imparted. It is handled by HCL AXON, a subsidiary of HCL Technologies.
  • Enterprise Transformation Services: This service section includes the management and production of the establishment, along with all the data analysis.
  • IT Services: This is the most popular and reliable section of HCL services, where all the technological achievements it boats of, come from.

Job of Software Support Engineer at HCL:

At a place where technology is the backbone of the entire business and most of the jobs are based on technical knowledge and efficiency of employees, the post of a Software Support Engineer is one of the most responsible jobs. It requires not only highly skilled people, academically, but also a go getter, who knows how to work in competitive market with new challenges everyday. And obviously the company offers brilliant compensation to such an employee.

Salary of a Software Support Engineer in HCL:

Software Support Analyst Rs 111121 – Rs 306837
Software Support Engineer Rs 147903 – Rs 377451
Software Support Manager Rs 228776 – Rs 1250105
Software Support Representative Rs 111902 – Rs 299141
Software Support Specialist Rs 170636 – Rs 473267

Bonus for a Software Support Engineer at HCL:

Software Support Analyst Rs 1189 – Rs 28387
Software Support Engineer Rs 822 – Rs 38406
Software Support Manager Rs 16243 – Rs 279695
Software Support Representative Rs 1636 – Rs 48125
Software Support Specialist Rs 4772 – Rs 80314

Salary at HCL on the basis of qualification:

Bachelor's Degree Rs 201356 – Rs 1036433
Masters of Business Administration Rs 225000 – Rs 1235000
Bachelor of Technology IT Rs 178793 – Rs 621382
MCA Computer Science Rs 222213 – Rs 1195994
Bachelor of Engineering Rs 241106 – Rs 904808

Salary at HCL on the basis of gender:

  • The male employees in HCL are recorded to be 88%, earning : Rs 302,758 – Rs 725,834
  • The female employees in HCL are recorded to be 12%, earning: Rs 254,695 – Rs 544,386.

Popular cities for HCL Technologies jobs are:

  • Chennai, Tamil Nadu
  • Bangalore, Karnataka
  • Noida, Uttar Pradesh
  • Delhi,Delhi
  • Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh

The recruitment criterion in HCL Technologies:

Living up to its reputation, HCL conducts a very well structured interview schedule for the aspiring candidates. The company also participates in the college placement cells, to hire young technicians. One has to go through certain steps of their interview rounds to be a part of this establishment.

  • The first round will be a face to face interaction with the interview panel,
  • The second round will be a Group Discussion round,
  • The third round will be a an IQ/Intelligence Test,
  • The fourth round will be a technical round, in which your IT skills will be tested.
  • The last would be a personal interaction session with the team head.

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