No successful business is possible without an effective and articulate management team, therefore IIMs are created, to train leaders for growing business. Now workstations headed with combative managers who explore, understand, analyse and infiltrate bring business to the company from the stiffly competitive market. Graduates from Indian Institutes of Management in India draw the highest salary packages leaving far behind their trailing counterparts from other institutes.

There are thirteen IIMs across the country, of which four are internationally acclaimed business schools and others are striving to stretch the flag towards perfection.  IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Bangalore, IIM Calcutta and IIM Lucknow are the four most reputed management institutes whose students get the highest salary on placement offers. The entire list of IIMs in India are as listed below:

  • Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad-IIM-A
  • Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore-IIM-B
  • Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta-IIM-C
  • Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow-IIM
  • Indian Institute of Management, Indore-IIM
  • Indian Institute of Management, Kozhikode
  • Indian Institute of Management, Ranchi
  • Indian Institute of Management, Tiruchirappalli
  • Indian Institute of Management, Kashipur
  • Indian Institute of Management, Rohtak
  • Indian Institute of Management, Shillong
  • Indian Institute of Management, Udaipur
  • Indian Institute of Management, Raipur

Among the 13 IIMs in the country, IIM Ahmedabad has been the most desirous and toughest target for the aspiring students. It is one of the first IIMs to be established in 1961, under the initiative of the then Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru. It is not only a recognized name from the education point of view, but it also ensures brilliant future prospects for its students. Numerous job opportunities in private and government sectors, with good salary packages and brilliant remunerations, all these benefits make IIM Ahmedabad a huge hit among students.

Salary Ranges for an IIM Alumnus on the basis of various factors:


After earning a Management diploma from IIM Ahmedabad, you don’t have to worry about a job, as many reputed institutions are willing to hire people with IIM diplomas.

Now the pay packages are huge for an IIM pass out, but depending on various factors such as, his particular specialization, marks, designation, state, and last but not the least, his own potential, the salary ranges are diversely constructed. Have a look.

Salary ranges for IIM- Ahmedabad Alumni:

Ranges by popular Job Designation:

Designation Salary Range
Project Manager, Information Technology INR 5.9 lakh to INR 24 lakh
Business Process / Management Consultant INR 3.04 lakh to INR 18 lakh
Management Consultant INR 8 lakh to INR 21 lakh
Chief Executive Officer INR 20 lakh to INR 81 lakh
Marketing Manager INR 4.6 lakh to INR 18.5 lakh

Ranges by Popular Diploma Programmes:

Diploma Programme Salary Range
Master of Business Administration (MBA) INR 6.2 lakh to INR 39 lakh
Bachelor's Degree INR 5.8 lakh to INR 29 lakh
Master of Business Administration Finance INR 7.2 lakh to INR 3.9 lakh
MBA in Marketing/ Management INR 7.5 lakh to INR 24 lakh
MBA General INR 4.6 lakh to INR 18.5 lakh
Doctorate (Ph D) INR 13.1 lakh to INR 40 lakh
Post Graduate Diploma Finance INR 6 lakh to INR 49 lakh

Ranges by Popular Companies:

Companies Salary Range
HSBC INR 9.4 lakh to INR 39 lakh
ICICI Bank Ltd. INR 8.1 lakh to INR 13 lakh
International Business Machines (IBM) Corp INR 5.3 lakh to INR 12 lakh
PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) INR 12 lakh to INR 16 lakh
IBM Global Services INR 5 lakh to INR 14.5 lakh
Infosys Limited INR 8.1 lakh to INR 49 lakh
Accenture INR 6.6 lakh to INR 15 lakh
HCL Technologies Limited INR 11 lakh to INR 29 lakh
Wipro Technologies Limited INR 9.3 lakh to INR 14.1 lakh
Cognizant Technology Solutions Corp. INR 9.2 lakh to INR 15 lakh

Ranges by Popular Cities:

City Salary Range
Bangalore INR 5.2 lakh to INR 30 lakh
Mumbai INR 8.1 lakh INR 45 lakh
Delhi INR 5.8 lakh INR 25 lakh
Hyderabad INR 8.2 lakh INR 29 lakh

Ranges by Gender

    • The average percentage of female alumni from IIMs : 7%, and the salary range is Rs 658,906 – Rs 1,728,571.
    • The average percentage of male alumni from IIMs : 93%, and the salary range for them is Rs 967,259 – Rs 2,341,634.

These are some popular salary ranges that an IIM Alumnus is offered after graduating from IIM Ahmedabad. You can also take a look at the popular diploma programmes that the Institute offers to an aspirant to study, opening prospects for him or her. Take a look:

  • Post Graduate Program in Management (PGPM) – Two year, full time Programme
  • Fellow Programme in Management (FPM) – Doctoral Programme
  • Post Graduate Program in Agri-Business Management (PGPABM) – Two year, full time Programme
  • Post Graduate Program in Management for Executives (PGPX) – One year, full time Programme
  • Post Graduate Program in Public Management and Policy (PGPPMP) – One year, full time Programme for working professionals, having an experience of about 7 years.
  • Faculty Development Program (FDM) – Course for teachers, trainers and researchers in Human Resource Management.

These attractive salary packages and attractive courses make the IIM Ahmedabad, an amazing option for the budding management aspirants. And with the Institute’s 78th world ranking, among best B Schools, according to The Economist, it is one of the best options for students in India and abroad.