The primary duty or responsibility of an SEO or Search Engine Optimization Specialist is to maximize brand visibility by working on the organic search results of the organization. In a bid to fulfill his responsibilities to that end he has to keep a few things on track:

  • Making sure that the keywords used in the content are powerful and least expensive
  • Modifying client sites with a view to improve them
  • (At times) Writing effective SEO content for blogs and websites
  • Strict adherence to search engine guidelines
  • Evaluate content, traffic and prospective customers from time to time

SEO Salary in India

Though SEO as a whole is a fairly new concept, companies today are waking up to the need of exploring the best SEO standards for their own good. Thus, considering the crucial influence wielded by an SEO analyst or specialist in online content as a whole including internet advertising and web development what kind of salaries can an aspiring SEO professional look forward to? Let’s find out:

Job Titles Annual Average Salary
SEO Specialist Rs 95,063 – Rs 438,919
Digital Marketing Manager Rs 208,087 – Rs 1,150,852
Internet Marketing Manager Rs 185,806 – Rs 1,010,000
Internet Marketing Specialist Rs 119,599 – Rs 748,906
Digital Marketing Manager with Google Analytics Rs 249,107 – Rs 1,077,351
Digital Marketing Manager with Email Marketing Skills Rs 244,213 – Rs 1,104,905
Digital Marketing Manager with Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Skills Rs 234,453 – Rs 1,188,665
Senior Online Marketing Manager Rs 237,567 – Rs 1,718,452

Average Salary of SEO by Experience

Variations in salary ranges will be reflected with growing number of years in Search Engine Optimization. Needless to mention here that better work experience leads to increment:

Experience Annual Average Salary
Less than a year INR 60,000 – INR 1,50,000
1-4 years INR 1,60,000 – INR 298260
5-9 years INR 300000 – INR 6,50,000

SEO Salary by City

The pay structure of SEO is majorly influenced by the standards or the costs of living in a city, hence great variations exist in distribution of wages in the leading cities:

City Annual Average Salary
Pune Maharashtra INR 78523 – INR 506579
Hyderabad Andhra Pradesh INR 59800 – INR 465398
Noida Uttar Pradesh INR 106125 – INR 178486
Bengaluru Karnataka INR 145969 – INR 307839
New Delhi Delhi INR 94333 – INR203473
Mumbai Maharashtra INR 132000 – INR 375378
Chennai Tamil Nadu INR 88437 – INR 244168

SEO Salary by Gender

The gender based approximate salaries of SEO specialists are:

Gender Annual Average Salary
Female INR 71277 – INR 456294
Male INR 82851 – INR 359018

Scope of SEO in India

On the flip side you must have gauged from the aforementioned salaries that Search Engine Optimization is yet to be explored fully in India. No doubt that with the increased scope of internet marketing SEO analysts are roped in frequently by top companies, however there is still a long way to go. But the future looks very bright at present with more companies looking forward to providing quality service with lesser investments.