Shoppers Stop is one of the well known chains of store that started its operation in the year 1991 with the first store being located in Andheri (Mumbai). Currently in total there are 53 stores of Shoppers Stop which are located in different parts of India. Apart from being accredited with “The Hall of Fame” very recently, Shoppers Stop was also recently awarded the title of “emerging market retailer of the year”. At present there are about 14,000 employees who are working in different stores of Shoppers Stop at various positions and satisfying the needs of the customer.

Median salary by years of experience

The package offered to an individual depends on their experience as well as their skills.

Salary by Years of Experience
Years of Experience Median Salary (approx in Lacs)
Less than 1 year 3.13
1-4 years 4.51
5-9 years 5
10-19 years 8

Median salary by location of posting

Shoppers Stop understands that the standard of living varies from one location to another therefore the package offered to its employees will also differ based on the location where they are serving. The pay scale will definitely be more in the metro cities and slightly low in other cities. Median salaries based on location of posting are given below.

Salary by location of posting
Location Median Salary (approx. in Lacs)
Mumbai Maharashtra 6.5
Pune Maharashtra 6
Bangalore Karnataka 7.12
Hyderabad Andhra Pradesh 5
Chennai (Madras) Tamil Nadu 3.15
Chennai Tamil Nadu 2.75
Gurgaon Haryana 3.15
Delhi 2.5
West Bengal 3.5

Median Salary by skill

Every individual has different skills, based on which their package is decided. Therefore Shoppers Stop also has its own criteria of allotting the package depending upon the skills as well as the designation served.

Salary by skill/specialty
Skill Median Salary (approx. in Lacs)
Department manager 2.09-6-5
Retail store manager 1.7-8.01
Marketing Management 4.5-8.7
Fashion assistant 1.5-3.15
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) 07/11/13

Median Salary as per education/ certification

Certifications nowadays are very important to get a regular hike in your salary. It gives additional benefits to your salary and your package also gets increased. Shoppers Stop recognizes such skills and tries to pay the package accordingly. Median salaries as per education or certification are as follows.

Salary as per education/ certification
Education/Certification Median Salary (approx in lacs)
Chartered Accountant (CA) 06/09/13
Bachelor of Engineering 07/12/13
Bachelors of Commerce 02/05/13
Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) 03/07/13
MBA 3-8

Median salary as per job title

Shoppers Stop has a number of departments which require different kinds of professionals who can best serve in that area. Therefore your profile or job title is also a major reason for getting a better package. Higher your post in any company more will be the salary and vice versa.

Salary as per job title
Job title Median Salary in lacs (approx)
Vice President (VP) 19 – 222
Assistant Vice President (AVP) 12 – 19
Retail Manager 8 – 12
Manager 10 – 15
Assistant Manager 6 – 8.8
Relationship Manager 7 – 15
Team leader 2.5 – 4
Senior executive 3.8-4.2
Department manager 3 – 3.5

Median salary as industry

Though Shoppers Stop is a chain of store but there are many sectors into which it is subdivided. Therefore the salary will be based on the industry type as well.

Salary as per industry
Industry Median Salary (approx. in Lacs)
Retail 03/05/06
Department store 04/08/13
IT services 08/12/13

Other perks and benefits

Salary as per benefits
Perks Median Salary (approx. in Lacs)
Paid holidays 02/05/04
Paid sick leaves 03/15/05
Relocation expenses 2.75-3.75
Private medical insurance 2.75-3.13

Thus, there are various criteria like experience, industry, skills, benefits etc for deciding the package of the employees working in Shoppers Stop.

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